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If you are interested in contributing a Guest Post, then Share Tech Ideas blog Welcome’s you!

We are happy to accept guest post if you follow these Guidelines mentioned below.


You can submit articles on these topics: Technology, Software, Hardware, Internet, Gadgets, Digital Media, and Info-graphics.

Your Content should be at least 800+ words long and cover the subject in detail.

Guidelines to follow:

  • Your article must be unique and make sure that it has minimum of 800+ words. The article should be written in detail with Titles, Sub titles.
  • It will not be acceptable if the content has been copied from or posted on any other websites.
  • Articles must be related to above mentioned topics.
  • Add relevant images in following formats (Jpeg, PNG etc..)
  • Article should not contain any Commercial Links or should not promote any Product.
  • Article must contain useful information, tips which should help users to enhance their knowledge.
  • All the links in the content will be No-follow, but for informative sites we can give Do-follow Link.
  • Links in the content should be related to the articles and add value to the article.

If your content follows all the above mentioned guidelines Please send your article in .doc format to the following mail id sharetechideasblog@gmail.com (Or) sasi at sharetechideas dot com.

2 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. Lucy Decker

    I have been an ardent reader of your blog for some time now and find them quite interesting. I’ve been researching some topics to write on and would like to become a contributor.
    I have some ideas that I want to share and what place is better than this. I will be looking forward for your response.
    Lucy Decker.

  2. Himanshu

    Thank you for sharing the post, as the points mentioned above are very well written, the information is very useful for beginners. I’ve read about IBM’s Watson in many articles but none of them gave me as satisfactory description as this did. Learning more with quality over quantity sounds fascinating. Further one can get detailed information about the same by visiting the website


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