Top Secrets of Why Android Is Better Than iOS

The world is divided over iOS or Android. iOS sellers sell the iPhone to be the best phone in the market while Android users fight for the cool new features of Android phones which are available at a reasonable rate. Apple has its own features which give it leverage however Android phones are catching up and matching the level of iPhones. Here are the various facts that reiterate the point that Android is better than iOS.

1. Android is soon going to be taking over Apple in terms of popularity. When Apple initially launched it was the best phone in the market with some great specifications like a really clear and crisp camera along with a really fast processing system. This enabled the iPhone to give to performance and allowed them to be the best in the market. Then Android was still developing and trying out things, it was difficult for Android to match the quick speed of iPhone however with the developments in the Android systems, Android phones have moved from having a 1 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM.

Android vs apple

This gets android on par with the iOS, actually, some of the Android phones like Samsung S9 Plus are even better than the latest iPhone in terms of speed and performance.

2. Another great quality that iPhone had was their camera, but again with the developments in the Android phones, there are phones like the Huawei Mate 20 Phone has a triple camera with 48 MP rear camera. This allows Android phones to now produce better quality photos than that of iPhone.

3. Another perk of having an Android phone is the fact that they are open to Play store which is the biggest app store, some of the best apps are available only for Android users and not for Apple users. Android users also enjoy connectivity, there is no need for an Android user to have all Android products, for example, if you buy an Apple product you will have to continuously invest in apple products to be able to transfer items from one device to another. Android thus provide you with connectivity between different Android phones and devices.

4. Android now has the feature of Picture-in-Picture which allows the user to keep the navigation and videos open and float on the screen while they continue using the other apps. This is a cool feature which allows you to multitask.

5. There is also the feature of auto-fill which allows you to paste the copied items especially names, numbers and email IDs. Android also has their own assistant, some Android phones like Samsung have their own assistant, however, Google Assistant can be installed onto any of the Android phones which allow them to match the power of iPhone-based Siri.


6. Along with these properties, Android has a more diverse design compared to iPhone which allows users to navigate easily and also personalize their phone design and look.

The biggest perk of buying an Android phone is that they are available at cheaper and reasonable prices. iPhone is the most expensive out of a lot of phones, however, there are android phones like Samsung S9 that can give it a run for its money. Samsung S9 Price is around US$ 840 which is still comparatively cheaper than iPhone. Phones like OnePlus and Honor are available at a reasonable price with just the same features as iPhone and some phones even have better quality.

These new Android phones are durable and long lasting while providing some really cool features to their customers and other features you can easily avail by installing apps for the same on Play Store. This makes Android phones a better choice compared to Apple for their newly developed features, camera quality, community and great battery life. All these features give Android an edge over the iPhone in today’s day.

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