5 Tools To Find Trending Topics on Social Media

When you are trying to get new ideas to write quality content it can be a big task by itself. Content should be able to capture the attention of the audience. One of the proven way to resolve the problem is to follow the the trending topics on social media.

A particular topic on social media suddenly begins to gather a high amount of attention, and it gets categorized as a ‘tending topic’. This topic will be shared thousands of times on Facebook, twitter and other social media.

When it gets classified as a ‘trending topic’, it starts to gather higher momentum. It gets more attention from social media users. Trending topics give an indication that many users are interested in this topic and thereby it has started to trend. Follow your customer likes and it will obviously give you the right edge.

But what are the ways to find the trending content? Finding content that can create buzz on social media is the key to create engaging content. Manual efforts may not be sufficient, in which case innovative tools offer you a competitive edge.

Here are 5 Tools That will Help to Identify the Trending Content on Social Media.

  1. Ahrefs Content Explorer
  2. Cloohawk
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. Feedly
  5. Content Gems

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