The Top Security Breaches in History

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Business threats are always varied from data and the complete security of a company. These days, it has been a dilemma for different companies to integrate their security by installing modern equipment to block threats.

From healthcare to government data breach, it has been a global catastrophe where the capabilities of a company to protect their essential documents gradually decreases. But, in today’s modern technology, creating different programs can now help different companies to maintain security one step ahead of the people behind creating a security breach.

In this infographic, we will discuss the different top security breaches that have become a significant impact on history. Now, let’s take a look at some companies and organizations struck by the most damaging data breaches of all time.

  • Home Depot – Before the September 2014 data breach incident, two former HR associates of Home Depot were arrested for stealing 30,000 records of employees and attempting to use the date to open fraudulent credit cards.
  • Anthem – In February 2015, Anthem (formerly known as WellPoint) the second largest health insurer in the United States, revealed its customer database had been breached.
  • JP Morgan Chase – In 2014, hackers gained access to the administrative rights on the server of the Wall Street firm which compromised a total of 83 million household and business accounts.
  • Equifax – The consumer credit reporting agency reported a data breach which compromised the accounts of 145 million people.

With the different data breach that has happened from different top businesses all over the United States, it has come to mind from different companies that investing with the right security program and acquiring to hire trustworthy employees should be top of their list in every situation.

To learn more about the different data breach that has occurred in our history, check out the infographic below created by TeleMessage.

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