Top Live TV Kodi Addons for 2k18

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Kodi Addons

If we look back in the past, television sets were just a box that broadcasted black and white shows with little or no audio capabilities. Over the years, televisions have gone through various innovations, and as we all know that it is the main form of entertainment across all households today. Flat screen TVs are the new age, with remarkable specs & durable structures. These modern devices come with several specs that cater to different regulars. Some TVs are superlative to watch movies & shows, whereas some are excessive just for gaming. All the famous tech brands have surprised the world with features that one could only imagine in the yester years. They deliver high definition pictures with stunning audio quality, that lets you delve in the realistic action. A software application, Kodi, has been recently trending. It is an all-purpose media player which offers users the ability to stream, download and access content from one convenient place. It is constantly adapting and becoming more and more versatile as it is free and open source. Kodi lets users stream live TV without having to commit to a particular cable provider.

But wait, all this would be impossible without add-ons and these add-ons can be found in the Kodi repository. In this article, we have compiled the Top Live TV Kodi Addons for the year 2018.

iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW: iPlayer WWW is an add on available in the official Kodi add-on repository. It is BBC’s client for the catch-up service. It is actually the Kodi version of BBC’s iPlayer and gives you access to all of the standard iPlayer features that include programme highlights, most popular and search. Live streaming can be done with an IP if you’re in the UK otherwise if you live outside the country, you can stream with a VPN.


SpotiMC: The well-known music streaming service is Spotify & SpotiMC is an unofficial add-on for Kodi. You can then use Kodi’s install from Zip File option and it is found in Kodi EMby Beta Add-ons or even Music Add-ons and Spotify. It can be launched by authenticating your spotify account in a web browser. After that, you can enjoy all your favorite music from Spotify.


FilmOn.TV: FilmON.TV is another Kodi Addon that lets you stream live TV to your web browser. With this, you can also stream most UK live channels to your Kodi Box. It can be installed through Kodi Super Repo. After installation, you can create a free account and start working. However, free accounts stream on low quality.


Twitch: Twitch helps you to never miss out on the latest gaming action with it’s add-on. It is an official add-on available in standard Kodi Repository. It will help you browse and view latest game streams. You can log in to your Twitch account and keep up with teams and games that you are following.


USTV: With this Add on you can live stream the top US broadcasters including NBC, ABC, CBS and many more. You can stream up to sever networks with free sign up and subscription but in order to unlock the other 21 channels, you need to make a purchase.


ITV: The ITV add on is very much similar to the iPlayer and lets you live stream ITV broadcasts. This will help you take advantage of tons of live shows and you can also gain full access to ITV’s hearty repository. This will be easily done if you live in the UK but if you don’t, you can use VPN.

Epic build

Epic Build:The EPIC figure is published by a developer know as ‘Giant Perm’ that presently bids several builds for Kodi 17, as well as a few Kodi 18 shapes. It is a fairly standard build and can be scrolled left and right to switch different categories including movies, TV shows, sports etc.


YouTube: Youtube is an official Kodi add on found in the repository however, it is an optional add on. It is found in the video add-ons on the Kodi’s addon menu. The most popular videos, channels and content can be viewed with this add on. Moreover, you can also get your personalized recommendations.

Final Thoughts

This article includes the Top Live TV Kodi Addons which are not only up to date but include accurate descriptions as well. These are the best legal addons that let Kodi do a lot more than usual. We’re covering the official ones as well as the unofficial ones, built into the software, and some third-party modules that let you access services such as Spotify and BBC. Some addons might even require a paid subscription to avail the service. For example, to use Spotify, you need to have a full paid-for account. You can find some of the best television deals 2018 online and make the most Kodi Addons.

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