How to Choose Best Photo Recovery Software for Your Computer

You are living in a digital world where photos are important part of your lives. It has become easier, more often just a click away to capture high quality photographs. But, so has the task of safely storing the photos.

Whether work related or personal memories, you usually save hundreds and thousands of digital images in computer and other storage devices.


However, these physical drives do not guarantee life-long protection of your digital photos. You may accidentally delete them. The computer drive can get corrupt, damaged, develop bad sectors, or virus infected, which lead to the loss of photos stored on them. The only solution to recover the lost photos is with the help of a photo recovery software.

A photo recovery software can rescue you from any digital photo loss situation. However, always carefully pick an image recovery tool as not all stand up to their photo recovery promises.

How to Choose your Photo Recovery Software
There is plethora of photo recovery software but not all are advanced enough to recover your lost photos in any situation.

Some may not support your camera type and image file format. Others may be incompatible with your storage drive’s file system. They can recover deleted photos but don’t recover from corrupt and inaccessible hard drives and so on.

So, there are various things to consider before buying a photo recovery application that can recover all your deleted and lost photos in any loss situation.

Best Photo Recovery Software for your Desktop/ Laptop
So, which is the best photo recovery software?
Definitely, that recovers your lost and deleted photos.
Thus, go for the one that supports your DSLR, smartphone, camcorder, CCTV, or other camera typeand their image file format. It should not only be able to recover deleted photos from any desktop/ laptop but also recoup photos from corrupt or inaccessible drives.
Further, the software should be easy to use and quick, which doesn’t make your photo recovery process an uphill task.And most importantly, it restore image files with their original quality intact.

Here we share one such Stellar Photo Recovery — a professional DIY software already used by millions of peopleglobally.Both Mac and Windows computer users can securely download it to restore any deleted or lost image files.

Stellar Photo Recovery supports recovery of JPEG, BMP, GIF,TIFF, PSP, PNG, DNG, PSD, JP2, CR2, NRF, ARW, PEF and many other file formats.

It is easy to use with simple user-interface. You can recover photos from DSLR, GoPro, digicam, drone, mobile phone, or CCTV.The software also supports recovery of RAW file types of Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji etc.

If your lost or deleted file type is not in the list of supported file format in the software, you can always add your new file type. The software also allows you to stop scan anytime and resume recovery later, at any time of your convenience.

Key Benefits:
• Recovers RAW camera files
• Quick to restore thousands of photos in few minutes
• Restore photos with original date and time stamp
• Maintains the original picture qualityafter recovery
• Recovers from formatted and corrupt storage drives

Step-by-step: How to Restore Photos on desktop or laptop
Download and launch Stellar Photo Recovery on your desktop/laptop

1. Click the checkbox.Click ‘Next’.

2. Select location on your computer from where you lost the photos.

3. Click ‘Scan’ and wait until the scan process finishes.

4. The scan results appear. Preview the found photos.

5. In the dialog box, click on ‘Browse’ to select the location for saving the recovered multimedia files.

Tips for Getting the Best Results from Photo Recovery Software:

• Immediately stop using the drive or media from where you lost the photos. Don’t add or remove files from the problem drive to avoid overwriting of the deleted photos
• Choose a software that supports your PC/ Mac OS
• Supports your deleted or lost photo file types
• Download the software from a trusted source to avoid virus, malware or other damage to your computer
• Never save the recovered photos on the original drive from where they were deleted or lost. Choose a different location to save them.
Hope you found this post helpful in selecting the best photo recovery software for your lost or accidently deleted photos.

Author Bio: Shailendra Kumar is a Professional blogger and creative writer.He was working with @Stellarsince last 2 years.He was helping many people who have lost data, image, video through his blog and tutorials.

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