2019’s Top 5 Productivity Apps For the Home and Office

Productivity is the key to success. The more productive you are, the faster you work. The faster you work, the more easily you can finish your tasks. There is a huge that can be done to change you and your work environment to boost productivity; however, there is no danger in learning about technology to express a bit more.

As per the mobile productivity survey, more than 850 respondents shared how their mobile devices are helping them in improving their ability to get work done, especially after hours or while working remotely.

Despiteheadlines stating that smartphones encourage workaholic propensities and always on expectations, 70% of respondents said that their mobile devices either boost or have no negative effect on their work-life balance.

And 45% of them, who are working constantly through their mobile devices say that they make use of 5 or more applications to help them be more effectual. In this post, we have compiled a list of top five productivity apps that you can use and improve your home and office life.

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Check Out the Best Mobile Productivity Apps of 2019

Todoist: Todoist is one of the best applications that allow millions of people across the world to accomplish amazing things. It is the easiest to-do list and task manager that built for the pace of modern life.

No matter whether you want to collaborate with your team, want to keep track of your most essential projects or just remember important tasks, this application is there to help you out in achieving it more easily. Loaded with enormous features, Todoist allows users to:

● Manage their tasks from anywhere
● Plan and never miss another deadline
● Easy yet powerful organization
● Visualize your productivity

Harvest: With Harvest, it becomes easily possible to track time, log, expenses and manage invoices on the go. You can use this feature-rich application’s timesheet to begin a new time on the train or stop the one that you left running at the office.

The expense tracker of it enables you to snap receipt pictures with your phone as you enter different expenses and you can keep all the records organized. You can send out professional invoices and get notified when clients are paying them. You can view your teammates’ timers in actual time and stay in sync with different projects. Some of the top features of the app include:

● Tap to start/end project and task timers from anywhere and anytime.
● View & edit current and earlier time entries
● Track Time online or offline.
● Record and remove payments
● Get push notifications for payments.
● Review Detailed task notes for better project tracking.

iPassword: Many times, it is difficult to keep track of all your passwords. Right?iPassword is the best application that keeps track of all the passwords in a highly secure manner. You just need to memorize one password to open the application and it will automatically grant an access to your other accounts.

Moreover, if you are opening a new account, this application will make an ultra-secure password and there is no need to memorize it. Comes with a range of features, iPassword is must to download app for you to memorize your passwords. Here are the top features of the app:

● Powerful Password generator to develop un-guessable passwords.
● Support Password Lock
● Copy password to the pasteboard
● It allows making password by the numbers, letters, punctuation or merging them together.

Any.DO: Any.Do is the most powerful mobile application that can manage everything in your life a lot easily. The application comes with new AI assistant technology that’s mainly aiming to solve all your problems with its new and exciting features. With this app, you will never forget a single thing with timed and location based reminders.

It can take care of different tasks for you, so you can make use of this application that is simple in design and works wonderfully. The assistant of the app will take care of all your tasks that you are about to perform. So, coordinate one on one meetings with just a few taps. An array of features of the app:

● The app keeps all the events, tasks, lists and reminders in one place.
● Simple design means it just works
● Share lists and assign tasks to get more done, faster
● You can customize your theme and make it your own
● It has smart widgets keep it all at your fingertips

Orderly: Orderly is one such application that mainly designed based on how the human mind visualizes to-do lists. It is a wonderful application that can be used to make the small to-do list. The application features an incredible interface, seamless cloud sync and it comes with Location based reminders, allowing users to never miss a to-do task at any particular location.

The application updated with a range of features like various categories or folders and powerful search. It displays the to-dos using the Apple’s bookshelf metaphor so that you can view your to-do lists without having to open them individually. A range of features of the app:

● The app has auto prioritizing of to-dos.
● The visual interface and layout give an ease for managing errands and tasks.
● Enormous categories for to-dos.
● Advanced search within the category and all the folders to find any to-do.
● Cloud Sync across devices
● Location-based reminders, notifications, and alert of a to-do at a location.

So, these are the five advanced and feature-rich productivity applications that you can use to boost productivity in your home and office. You can install these mentioned applications on your device and make yourself more productive towards your work.

Author Bio: This is a guest post from SohelAther, software engineer by profession. And He is passionate about tech writing and loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies. If you are looking to develop your own productivity application based on any platform, you just need to get in touch with a trusted mobile software development company that has an experienced team of developers.

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