The Only Emulator You Need to Play GameCube Games in Your Android Phone

We should be honest, GameCube has some of the most memorable game of our younger days, from Super Smash Bros to Legend of Zelda to Metroid Prime to Resident Evil.Those games open the door for year-long franchises that stays for almost two decades. Nintendo discontinued the product in 2007 to open the market for Wii, however it doesn’t mean you can’t play these games anymore.

Most of the games are compatible with Wii itself, but only the earlier model. Newer model of Wii doesn’t have this backward compatibility feature. Ever since that, gamers had no choice but to turn to emulators to play these games on PC.

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These few recent years, however, we saw the rise of mobile gadget. We want to be mobile as much as possible, including when playing game. Mobile games grow fast and big, and this phenomenon of course inspire gamers to find a way to play GameCube games once again, this time mobile.

Emulator for PC: Emulator for PC is not that hard to find. PC, after all, usually has quite high spec. They are as good as, if not even better, than GameCube’s spec when playing game. Therefore, developing GameCube emulator for PC is not impossible quest. There are several options for you: from the notorious Dolphin to SuperGCube to WhineCube and several others. All of them, except Dolphin, are available only for Windows.

Among all of the emulators, Dolphin is the biggest. Released in 2003 as freeware for PC gamers who want to play GameCube games, it changed into free-and-open source software. It got supports from gamers and programmers worldwide alike, and soon Dolphin for Linux and macOS are available as well.

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One of the reason why Dolphin is popular is because it has the ability to improve the graphic of the games when they are played in HD in PC, compared to their quality in the original GameCube. Also, the software is completely free. It’s open source, meaning that given there are enough developers willing to do it, it will keep improving, following the trend in technology and keeping it compatible with most of the newest gadgets. Dolphin is also easy to install and run.

Emulator for Android: Unlike its PC-counterpart, emulator for Android is slightly harder to find. Some emulators were already exist, but they were all for Game Boys. Game Boys games only need low specs to be able to run perfectly, and therefore their emulators are easy to find. Sadly, that’s not the same case for GameCube games.

Up to current date, there is only one emulator that is trusted enough to do the job, Dolphin. However, even if Dolphin can emulate the game perfectly, usually it’s the devices themselves that can’t keep up. Gamers with smartphone usually report that the game runs very slow, lags, or has patchy graphic.

Dolphin first announced its venture to Android realm back in 2013. During that time, the only gadget possible to run the emulator is Samsung Galaxy S4, but even so the game is still considered running too slow, with some added limitation as well.

Some gamers manage to play GameCube smoothly in Android by actually run it on PC, then stream it on their mobile phone via Gamestream or other services. Of course, that’s not practical at all, and part of the reason we want to play game in our handheld device is because of its mobility.

The New Gadget: Thankfully, gadget also develops. They get more advanced for each release, so I’m sure pretty soon we can get Android devices that can run Dolphin like it supposed to be. In 2017, Samsung Galaxy 8 has proven that it can handle Dolphin already. You can find some test run video on YouTube, and you’ll see that the game in run pretty smooth, not lagging at all, and with clear graphic. Of course, newer version of Samsung Galaxy S series will enjoy this technology as well.

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The problem is, of course, not all of us can afford Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer. As time goes by however, I hope this technology become more affordable, and finally we can play our loved GameCube games while laying down on our favorite flat surface.

What do you think about this? Do you think you will be patient enough to wait until you can get your hands on gadget that is sophisticated enough to handle Dolphin? Or, should we dream bigger and hope that Dolphin one day can run in iOS devices as well?

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