How to Tell if My Phone is Being Spied On: Here is The Process.

Different apps have been established to help in tracking the conversation and text messages sent by a person to the other. This apps are usually used mostly be couples and lovers who try to track their loved ones.

The apps are also used by people who want to breach into the personal privacy of other people.

Although this is wrong, people still continue to be tracked without their knowledge.
Luckily, the same technology provides strategies through which you can tell that someone is spying after you.

Learn Through Your Battery:
One of the strategies that you can tell that someone is spying is through your battery. When you realize that your battery is running out fast, then it is an indication that there is something consuming your power.

Phone Charging

Software tools secretly installed in your phone operates from the background therefore usually consumes your battery power without your knowledge.

When you realize that your power is running out fast, then it is important that you check all your apps to identify any foreign software. Once you identify it, uninstall it.

Check Your Internet Data:
Usually, tracking apps, like any other app, requires to constantly be updated to function effectively. Therefore the second strategy that you can use to tell whether you have tracking software on your phone is to check the data.

Also check the apps that want to be updated, when you find one that you are not familiar with, and then uninstall it.

Heating of Your Phone:
It is very normal for a phone to heat up when you are using it. However, when you realize that your phone is heating when it is seating idle in the pocket, then it is a sign of something not right in your phone.


When your phone is heating, it is important that you examine the presence of a foreign app in your phone.

Odd Messages:
Are you receiving odd messages on your phone that seem to be computer coded? This it is a sign there something fishy going on in your phone.

Odd Messages

The best thing to do, if you are not familiar with computer language, the best thing to do is to find an expert who can understand the language.

An expert can help you to understand the source of the language. An expert can help you to understand whether you have an app that breaching into your privacy.

Usually, tracking apps can leak your messages and calls to unknown destination to people with heinous motive.

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