Control your Home Theatre with Peel Remote App

You have invested so much in your television, speakers and music system to get an amazing home theatre experience. Then, why are you using the same age-old plastic remote controls to operate all those devices? In your entire home entertainment equipment, the remote control that you use is the most outdated thing. Did you know that you can get rid of all these remotes and replace all of them with one universal TV remote which can be used from your Android smartphone? Also, you must have heard and yourself said several times, “Where is that remote?” This only adds to the frustration, especially after a long tiring day. Now, with one universal remote application, you will never have to say or hear that line again.

Well, you heard it right. Peel universal TV remote is the all-in-one application for Android users that can control all the devices from your smartphone. Peel remote app has completely transformed your home into a smart home by revolutionizing your home entertainment experience.


No more searching for remotes. No more juggling between the remote controls. No more spending on batteries for remotes. Now, you can control your entire home theatre using one application in your smartphone. Peel remote app does not demand you to be tech-savvy. The application has a rich graphical user interface which makes it extremely easy for you to set it up as well as use it.

How Can You Control Your Home Theatre Using Infrared (IR Blaster)?

If your phone has got the built-in IR blaster in your phone which can communicate with all the components of your home theatre, the best way to control your home theatre equipment is using infrared. Most of the new Android phone comes with the IR emitter. However, if your phone does not have an IR blaster, you will need an adapter. Such add-on devices can be wither dongles that can be plugged in your smartphone or the standalone devices. All you have to do is plug them in your phone and then add the home theatre components in the app. Once you add the devices, you are good to go.

How Can You Control Your Home Theatre Using Wi-Fi?

Controlling your home theatre using Wi-Fi is even easier. Start with downloading the Peel remote app. Open the app. Enable the Wi-Fi. Connect all the home theatre devices to Peel smart remote. Set up a room. You are good to go.


Why Peel Remote App is The Best Choice for Your Home Theatre?

There are several universal smart remote controls out there in the market. However, Peel is the most cost-effective option. It is available free on Play Store. Moreover, it is compatible with a lot of devices (more than 50 home appliance brands) and it can support thousands of devices. Also, you can use it in your Android phones; doesn’t matter if your phone has the built-in IR blaster or not.

In addition to it, Peel smart remote app comes with an amazing TV programming guide. You can watch the entire TV schedule (which program is scheduled on which day at what time). The app also has intelligent voice-recognition capabilities in the United States of America. It also gives you smart recommendations based on previous searches and watches.

Apart from that, it gives you the show/movie description when you long press on the thumbnail. To watch it, you can tap on it and the app directly takes you to that channel. You can do this by still being on the same channel. In short, Peel remote app makes your life easy, convenient and comfortable.

The Final Word: If you own a home theatre system, you do not have to deal with three to five remote controls laying across your living room, hiding behind the cushions. All you can do it just grab your popcorn and a cold drink lay down on your couch and enjoy watching your favourite show or movie by controlling your entire home theatre equipment using a universal remote. However, you need not invest in those super expensive universal remote controls. Peel universal TV remote is for free. All you need to do is go to Play Store, download it and start using.

Author’s Bio: Jackson Smith is a content strategist at Peel Smart Remote App.
Jackson mostly write about the latest technology and mobile apps which are making our daily life easy. The main motive behind this article is to share the valuable insights of this amazing app.

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