5 Reasons You Should Never Mess With Facebook

Many try to grow their social media followers for some apparent reasons. They do so to increase their businesses or fans or social media user base. Whatever may be the reason we have seen people trying different things to grow their followers. A few even use Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ option to increase their visibility. However, there are a few things you should never experiment with Facebook.


Here, let us have a look at five different reasons why you shouldn’t mess with Facebook.

1. Avoid Creating Personal Profiles for Your Business: It is a simple concept. If you have a business, then create a Facebook Page but do not create a personal profile for your business, especially if you are using it for commercial purposes. Imagine, you are posting your business-related information on a personal profile, where people have no interest in your products or services. It is of no use.

Personal profiles are for people and not for promoting or selling your products. Moreover, Facebook can also penalize you by deleting your account as your postings could annoy your fans or friends. So be clear and consider this point while creating your profile.

2. Do Not Tag Your Friends in Every Post: Do not tag your friends in everything you post on the social media platform. Sometimes, your friends may not be interested in the stuff that you feel is awesome. The pictures or videos that you plan to put them on Facebook to get more likes could bother your friends and others.

It is well and good if you take a group picture with your friends and then tag them. They will feel happy and like the post. Additionally, they may also share the post. We tend to do things in excitement without thinking much.


You might have also come across situations where your friends might have untagged you as soon as you tagged them on Facebook. You start feeling stupid and weird. Isn’t it? So avoid frequent tagging on Facebook. You should have an idea of when to tag friends, relatives, and others.

3. Avoid having multiple accounts: It is advisable to avoid creating multiple Facebook accounts for personal and business accounts. Yes, you heard, right! As per the social media platform’s policies, a user cannot have two or more accounts. Facebook will block your accounts once it comes to know that you own multiple accounts.

Isn’t it a waste of valuable time, money, and energy? Because you worked hard and already spent enough on advertising to grow your FB fans or customers of your business. On the other side, it is also difficult to maintain two or more accounts.

There should be enough content to keep users engaged. It must be avoided if you are running a business page. You are supposed to run an ad to promote a specific product.

For doing so, you need to target people based on their location, age, sex, geographical area, etc., along with preparing the ad. It’s a cumbersome process. And, it becomes difficult to run ads for different pages. The same goes for content creation. Keep it simple to manage your account in a better way and reap maximum benefits.

4. Monitor Your Posts Regularly: Do not just post a video or a picture and leave it aside. It is necessary to continually monitor your posts. You created your profile to interact with people or show what you are capable of. If you have a business page, you plan to interact with customers and increase leads.

Any negligence shown towards a post’s comment or likes is like missing an opportunity to sell your product. Make sure that your publishing permission option is always turned on. It allows customers to interact and know more about your product and services so that they can buy your product.

Give them prompt and genuine replies and do not try to cheat them. It should be like two-way communication. The same thing should be followed for a personal profile.


5. Do not share too much information: Never share too much personal information. You have already given enough information while creating your profile like name, DOB, etc. Avoid updating your mobile number, e-mail id, or other sensitive information that gives access to thieves or cybercriminals to steal your identity. Criminals can gain access to your bank accounts using the information published by you on Here, you can also save videos as Facebook video downloader allows you to save them forever in your devices

Facebook and borrow money. Also, do not criticize or degrade or post offensive jokes or your medical information on Facebook. All these things will bring unnecessary troubles to you. Avoid sharing sensitive information and attention-seeking posts.

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