Tech for Travel: List of Hi-Tech Gadget to Make Your Travel Less Worrisome

If you travel often, you must be familiar with the roller coaster of feeling before the trip. Oh, it will be the best travel ever, but wait, have I pack enough socks? Oh I can’t wait to leave this cold place for a warm country, but will my roses and lilies be okay? Oh yes, I’ve had enough traveler’s mile to use the VIP lounge, but where did I put my passport again?

While traveling is fun, it’s often stressful as well. There are so many small things to take care of, from your wallet and ticket and passport, to the things you left at home like plants and pet. A minor mishap (wait, I misplaced my handbag!) can spoil the mood of an otherwise fun and easy travel.

A true traveler wouldn’t mind. Little mishaps and lost things are part of traveling. In fact, that’s what makes you wiser as a traveler. It’s true perhaps, but if you can help to prevent those mistakes happening, why not? A smart traveler will know what tech they should use to ensure their travel seamless, or enjoyable, or at the very least, not failed.

1. Smart Suitcase:
This will be the first technology-improved travel gear you need. You’ll probably hear this from many source, but don’t get bored of it, because it’s indeed important: invest in a smart suitcase.

Smart suitcase is one suitcase loaded with many practical technology function. It will be able to connect to your smartphone. You’ll be able to lock and unlock the suitcase using your phone, track its whereabouts if it seems like you’ve been waiting for too long in the baggage claim or (God forbid) lost. You can even charge your phone, if you happen to be stranded somewhere without electricity socket.

Smart Suitcase

Some smart suitcases weren’t allowed to board airplane a couple years ago because the lithium battery can catch fire easily, but today many manufacturers have made it airplane-friendly, with easily removable battery. This is what you should consider first: whether the battery can be removed or not. Also, don’t forget to consider the traditional aspect of a suitcase: the shell must be strong enough to protect the inside.

2. Item Trackers:
If you can’t invest on smart suitcase, you can buy a cheaper item tracker. It is usually a small device you can attach to your suitcase, or backpack, or handbag. You can connect the tracker to your smartphone using either GPS, GSM, or Bluetooth, depending on the technology it used, and then control it via apps.

If you want to track your luggage in case it gets stolen or lost, tracker with GPS connection is more reliable. GSM tracker is often not accurate, while Bluetooth tracker can function only within 10 feet of your smartphone. You’ll want to attach Bluetooth tracker more toward small things you tend to lose around you, such as rental car key, instead of luggage.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphone:
Do you know what the biggest enemy of a traveler is? It’s the lack of sleep. Not only travel schedule is usually tight, some people also needs adjustment to be able to sleep in a completely new location, or in a moving vehicle.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphone is not high-tech. It just does its job better than regular headphone, because it blocks any other voice from the outside. Imagine being able to sleep for a full hour or two during your short flight without having to hear the fussy baby two seats over, or even your seatmate’s snore.

If you plan to watch something, this headphone will also block the noise from your video to the people around you, so you won’t get stared rudely for playing your music too loud.

4. House Surveillance:
Either you leaving for a week or for a month, you will feel worried about your house, especially if nobody is there to keep an eye for it. Traveling can be less fun when you have to be reminded of your house, left unprotected from thief or weather.

But, it’s actually really easy to set up your own surveillance camera at home. You can buy the camera, as many as you need. Next, install them on the places you think will the most risky for intruder, like front door or bedroom. Then, all you need to do is keep the Wi-Fi at your house on while you receive the feed from the camera on your phone – wherever you are.

Of course, sadly, you can’t do beyond receiving the feed. You can’t make something in your house stop or attack or report the intruder to the police, unless you subscribe to private security service. But at least, you can call your neighbors to call the police to your house. Whatever the method you want, it will still help you to calm down during the holiday. Enjoy the warm weather more.

5. Self-watering Planters:
If you have a pet, you can easily ask someone to pet-sit or send your pet to pet hotel while you are on vacation. But what about plant? So far, there is no business for plant hotel yet. How heartbroken you will be, when you come home from vacation only to find your favorite rose and lily die?

Watering plants

You can always pay someone to take care of your plants. But that means you must set aside some money, and allow someone access to your house when you’re not there. Not many people are comfortable with that, and if you’re one of them, then you need to get yourself self-watering planters.

All you need to do is to fill the jar next to the planter with water, and the planter will control how much water a day it should let to tickle to the soil. Your house is safe, your plant is alive, and your vacation is unspoiled. Win-win for everybody.

There are many other gadgets and tech that will let you have your travel undisturbed. We haven’t even included applications that will help you solve your traveling problem with a touch of finger. But, the bottom line is to always choose and customize the gadget you buy with the one you actually need.

What is your favorite travel-related tech?

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