Latest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when robots existed in sci-fi movies only. Today, these robots are just not mere imagination but they are now a reality. And the day is not far when they will find a place in our day-to-day life. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence! In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic among the techno-geeks for all the good reasons. Machines capable of thinking and behaving like humans are ready to bring revolution in the world.

The year 2019 is expected to witness a lot of advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The future holds many surprises for us that are yet to be revealed but I have highlighted some of the latest development in AI. Give this blog a read to get your mind blown. Happy Reading!

World is Transforming, and So Does Artificial Intelligence!

1. AI is All Set to Make You Immortal: Shocked? Well, you read that right. Nobody wants to die, and AI is all set to prove the theory of transhumanism correct. Transhumanism is basically a belief that humans can evolve beyond their mental and physical limitations by the use of Science & Technology. During a panel discussion at MWC (Mobile World Congress), scientists predicted that AI can be used to increase the life expectancy from average to forever. Let’s see some of the important points discussed in MWC, 2019.

Robot women face

  • CRISPR gene editing developed using AI technology will be used to detect any type of disorder or disease prior to the birth.
  • Artificial Limbs, again a big achievement in the field of Artificial Intelligence, are all set to be loaded with extra abilities, such as more power, enhanced vision, etc.
  • AI has made the idea of Cryogenics possible. The process of being frozen and revived after several years is possible today. If you have $200,000, then the company named ‘Alcor’ is ready to provide you this experience.

2. Big Promises in the Medical World: We all are aware of the usefulness of AI in medical science. Scientists don’t want to restrict us to virtual assistants and therapeutic robots (for eg., PARO), but are all ready to change the complete scenario. According to a latest research at University of Warwick, researchers have found that the Artificial Intelligence can examine the abnormal chest X-Ray better than radiologists in a short time. Yes, you read that right. Reducing the time needed to examine the X-Rays from 11 days to 3 days, this technology can be used to detect the order of treatment beforehand. Chest X-Rays play a vital role in diagnosing several body parts, such as lungs, heart, bones, etc.

3. AI to Be Used to Detect Wind Power Potential: Wind energy is a great source of renewable energy but it becomes impossible to predict the potential of wind farm beforehand. Well, AI is all set to make accurate predictions. Google has developed an AI algorithm that promises to predict the results before time. The algorithm uses weather forecast information and turbine data to predict the results. Google claimed that using this algorithm has increased their wind energy production by 20 percent. If developed properly, AI can be used to locate appropriate locations having the potential to generate large amount of electricity.


4. ‘Blind Spots’ Detected: According to a report published by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on January 24, 2019, MIT and Microsoft have developed a model to make self-driving cars less prone to accidents. We know that autonomous cars are capable of detecting every single event on the road and respond accordingly. But, sometimes there occurs an event on the road that should not be neglected but self-driving cars don’t have ability to deal with them. For eg., an autonomous car unable to differentiate between a white car and an ambulance will not slow down for an ambulance. These type of ‘blind spots’ should not be overlooked by the autonomous cars. And, the new model developed by MIT and Microsoft wishes to achieve the same. This model combines the machine learning along with human feedback to make cars smarter so that they never miss such ‘blind spots’ on roads. Buying a new car? Wait for some more time and save yourselves from hectic driving!

5. Ambidextrous Robots for E-Commerce Warehouses: Robots are all set to hit the e-commerce industry and skyrocket their revenue growth. Many big companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, etc., suffer due to lack of workers in their warehouses. But with the help of AI, scientists are planning to develop an ambidextrous robot. Ambidextrous robot will have multiple grippers for lifting objects. Embedded with AI, the robot will be capable of making quick decisions between the use of grippers to lift an object. Now, heavy workload isn’t a problem for the e-commerce website.

Warehouse Storage

Summing up all, these latest advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence presents a clear picture that AI is here to stay.

Summary: AI is changing the way how machines were looked. Implementing AI to make smart machines has changed our life. Scientists are ready to surprise us with the wonders of AI. This blog highlights the latest advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

About the Author: Hayley George works at Global Assignment Help Australia as an academic writer. She has helped many students by providing them assignment help. She has done MS in Computer Science. Being a techno-geek, she loves reading technical magazines and blogs.

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    I believe artificial intelligence and augmented reality, both of them are considered an important turning point for the telemedicine industry.


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