The Secret Key to Improving your Landing Page Conversion Rate

When you are a website owner, you would always want your visitors and customers to be hooked to your website in some way or the other. You might want them to download an ebook, sign up, buy products, etc. If you are searching the entryway to the sales funnel, then it is definitely through landing pages of your website. But not always the landing pages will fetch you the desired conversions or leads. To enhance the landing page conversion rate of your WordPress development company, follow the key elements explained in details in this content.

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Way Towards Building a Robust Landing Page

Create Proper Headlines: This is the foremost point to emphasize on when wanting to improve conversion rate landing pages. A visitor when landing on your website homepage will witness the headlines first. Their interests will automatically arouse as they see catchy headlines as it will tempt them for reading further. Keep headlines simple & clear. Also for headlines it is paramount to use title cases. You can choose to make it appear like something that offers a solution to any problem or you can start the headlines with terms such as “How To.”

Value Proposition: If not high, even for getting hands on average landing page conversion rate, it is important to put forward a positioning statement that offers information regarding the benefits you offer, to whom & how uniquely you do it. The statement must define your service and USP. These four steps can help you get hands on a better landing page conversion rate namely Classify, Appraise, Quantify & Build. First you begin by classifying the problem set & discover if the offerings solve the issues. Secondly, identify if the solution is unique & compelling. Third, you must determine the potential of consumers’ for adopting that solution. Finally, you can just fabricate the value proposition.

Incorporate Testimonials and Reviews: To improve landing page conversion rate, you do not need to move mountains. The ways lie in the simple tricks. For instance, you can gain the trust of visitors instantly with proper testimonials and reviews. Positive endorsements of your brand will assure the visitors that your business is a legitimate one. For employing the word-of-mouth tactic, you can incorporate a plethora of testimonials and reviews on the landing page of the website. These are regarded as social proof that assists in building trust among visitors. But you must only include those reviews that define how they actually benefited from the solutions offered by you. Few terms must always be avoided while you add reviews like Great Work, Wow, etc. Such terms look fake which is why you must never use them.

Powerful Call-to-action Matters: The most crucial component of a responsive landing page is the CTA button. Starting from the size, text & color, every portion of the CTA is vital. You must always emphasize the text. The button should carry the perfect color as it adds relevancy and value. A hover effect can be very eye-catching over here for transitioning the color.

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Optimizing the Forms: A webinar landing page conversion rate can be enhanced to a large extent if special emphasis is put on the capture form or lead generator area. Several studies on landing page tools & design certify that there can be a massive adverse impact on conversion rate if visitors are asked to provide too much information. Usually a visitor always decides whether he wants to fill in the form or not by depending on the figure of fields present in it. There might be some fields that might discourage the visitors or encourage them to leave the form halfway and this will never be good for your business. The generator form that you produce must be compact or precise and must carry an eye-catching design. The designs must be in a way that visitors can distinguish two options very easily. You can also choose to add in direction cues.

Add Trust Seals & Badges: The adding of these will also arouse trustworthiness among visitors that can in turn help to elevate landing page conversion rate. Trustworthiness is a very important factor especially when people are shopping or then when they want to acquire a solution from your business. They will also want to make sure that associating with you will be completely safe for them which is why adding seals & badges is paramount.

Conclusion: In the context of enhancing sales or attaining more & more signups for your service or product, landing pages are regarded to be the most fail-safe way. However, the pages will only function well when you craft them in the correct manner. In cases when you are unable to attain the desired landing page conversion rates, you must understand the fact that you are missing out on something. In the content we have discussed the secret of landing pages from where you can get hold of effective landing page ideas as well. Take your WordPress landing page conversion rates to the highest levels by associating with our expert team. Connect with us today.

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