Is Storing your Data on the Cloud 100% Safe?

Cloud storage is a model in which data is stored on remote servers retrieved from the internet or CLOUD. Cloud computing is an organization accommodated to store, manage, and progression of data. It was a straightforward definition that acknowledges cloud computing. Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, AppleiCloud, etc. are some examples of cloud storage.

It is a direct way to store your information, and if you lose it anyway, you can use the backup option. It is very convenient and amazingly effortless. But a soul-shredding question comes to our mind: is storing your data on the cloud 100% safe?

Cloud Storage

The answer is no, not necessarily all your information stored in the cloud is 100% safe. The risk of getting hacked or worse exists. If the user stores any personal or sensitive data, the user might get prone to cut, and all the raw data and details can be caught in the hands of the devil.
Subsequently, Viruses namely, malware and ransomware, threaten the user’s security and data. Mainly, if any person saves photographs on cloud storage, it is not safe. Someone else can eventually access the cloud, and they can even leak the information or blackmail the user.

Everything has its pros and cons. The whole thing you do can be tracked in this contemporary online era. And once if you get trapped in this web of cyberattack, it is vulnerable to revamp back to a healthy life. Hidden risks like compliance violation can cause the user loss of reputation or get exposed to delicate information.

If the user is not vigilant, she or he can be a victim of identity theft. This barbaric crime is blatantly done in copious ways. Still, the consequence is the same, and that is the personal or financial information gets unprotected and could be accessed by people of culpable intention. It can cost you even all your bank account savings or worse getting unconditionally tracked. They may know wherever you go, whom you meet etc.

The user’s confidential data can be breached by trespassing the data, and for such actions, you need a high-speed internet connection. Anyone could steal the files. Cloud storage can also be the source of getting malicious software into your cloud. The hacker could effortlessly spy on the user without any consent or notice.

Hacking passwords are also more accessible. Only a super-strong password is the firewall between the user and the hacker. If the user stores any information regarding the business deals, then it is a loom to the company, as the availability of risks is high.

The cyberattack is very vulnerable to homo-sapiens if negligently, the user saves any private information that is a bait to all those people who can misuse the data and personal life.
There are no crux legislations in India acknowledging data protection. All the laws are inefficiently weak. Even if you are a victim of a cyberattack, it is such a trauma where you are not also getting justice.

A disadvantage of using cloud storage is that the user has to be utterly dependent on the internet. If the internet is offline, the user has no option to access the cloud. It should be noted that to use cloud storage, one must be connected to high-speed internet.

Storing passwords of your mails, or other social media accounts is not unquestionably secure. You are technical, compromising your personal life to a comprehensive organization.

Nowadays, there is a trend of world citizens to adopt cloud computing for storing their data. More and more, business firms are interested in cloud storage. It would be rare to find a developing business to be not a user of cloud storage. Like every coin has two sides, here the case has some concealed holes, and these holes are a pathway to cybercrime.

Cloud computing

Likewise, the reason for this perpetual cyberattack is that these cloud computing systems aid these firms or users very flexibly. And this flexibility is the trump card used by hackers. Getting in this virtual world is way more comfortable, but once you get trapped, the device may be in arm’s length, but it will be nearly impossible to escape this trap.

These criminals are using cloud computing and world citizen’s data as their business platform. This gives criminals access to the global storage. The criminal can additionally copy your files and upload them somewhere else. It is a gateway to your messages, log in details of your mails, and other social media networking sites.

Business firms are the hotspots of cloud computing and cloud storage, and these are the prominent targets of criminals. In a cloud environment, there is no such thing as a hardware server. It doesn’t exist in the real world; hence, it is tougher to investigate the data breaches.
Cloud computing makes life easier. It allows the user to access their information conveniently anywhere in this whole world. But always remember, it is a pathway to make the user’s data spill, make the user’s reputation drained, make the user a victim of cyber-attack.

To avoid these circumstances, one must be very vigilant in using cloud storage. All the data you store must not be confidential. The use of anti-viruses, firewalls, and other such software would be safe.

Cloud computing is a beneficial system for storing large-sized data, but it is not 100% safe.

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