How to Transfer Emails From Yahoo to Gmail?

In this article, we will discuss how to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail both manually and automatically. We all know that Yahoo is an email client and a free platform to exchange data. First, we start with the reasons for transferring Yahoo Emails to Gmail, and then at the end of this article, we will discuss the best methods to move messages from Yahoo to your Gmail account straightforwardly. So, go through this blog and find the simplest clear solution.

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Reasons to Transfer Emails From Yahoo to Gmail

Sometimes, users are searching for the best solutions “how to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail?” however users are unable to export the data of Yahoo emails into Gmail in bulk. It is always a tough task for each user to transfer yahoo email to Gmail

In this article, users will get an ideal solution by which they can without much of a stretch add yahoo email to Gmail. It is most important to know why it is required to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail. There are some of the requirements are given below – 

  • Changing to another Email Service provider.
  • Data Breach in which 3 billion clients’ accounts were assaulted.
  • Spammy advertisements present all over.
  •  Yahoo recycling erased Email addresses which means that Even if you’ve erased your account, anybody can utilize your old id and access your information.

Different Methods to Transfer Yahoo Email to Gmail

Here, we will describe some possible methods that can be helpful to add yahoo email to Gmail. To do so follow the below-mentioned methods/solutions.

 Manual Method to transfer yahoo email to Gmail

  • Initially, open your Gmail Account and go to Settings.
  •  then hit on the Accounts and Import tab. You can discover this choice in the middle of the setting page.
  •  Presently click on Import mail and contacts.
  •  A pop-up window will appear, enter your Yahoo email id, and hit on Next.
  • After then click Select Agree
  • Now, this will ask you to import various items like messages, contacts, emails, etc. then click on the Start button to import Yahoo mail to Gmail.

Done! Follow the above instructions to transfer folders from Yahoo mail to Gmail. The process begins working at the moment but it might take a maximum of up to 2 days depending on the size of your Yahoo mailbox information.

1. Drawbacks With Manual Methods: There is no uncertainty that the manual methods described are not difficult to attempt. It does come with some Drawbacks that let the user change the decision to utilize the manual method/solution. Here are some disadvantages of manually transferring yahoo email to Gmail.

  1. This strategy will only transfer emails or messages from Yahoo to the Gmail account of the Inbox folder only. No other mailbox folder information will be moved.
  2. There is no Email Filter option that means there is no way to move chosen mails.
  3. There are few times where the synchronization interrupts the import interaction.

These are some issues that can happen when performing the migration. To overcome the restriction, we are recommended using a professional solution of ” how to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail. “


2. Professional Solution to add Yahoo Email to Gmail: If the above technique fails to transfer yahoo email to Gmail then you must go for the professional solution. Users can opt for third-party software. The advanced DRS Yahoo Email Backup Tool permits you to add yahoo email to Gmail in a very safe and effective manner. It assists to make the backup of Yahoo Emails on a PC hard drive and clients can just have to transfer emails from yahoo to Gmail Account and that file makes any location on the PC. It can also convert all the messages including attachments and all the other mailbox information things as Calendars, inboxes, tasks, contacts, etc. The professional tool has more features and that you will get to know when you download the free demo version.

Prominent Features

  • Unlimited Migration is possible 
  • Straightforwardly Exporting emails from Yahoo to Gmail, AOL, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Live Exchange, and so on webmail clients.
  • Overall Yahoo Email backup with all the connections of the file like calendars, Inbox, etc.
  • No Outlook Installation is needed to export Yahoo Mail to the PST file.
  • Yahoo Mail backup software maintains Folder Hierarchy and Data Integrity in the resultant record.
  • Work on All the Versions of Windows system 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP/2000/95
  • Free Yahoo email backup tool converts the first 50 emails for free

Final Words

This article gives possible methods/solutions to how to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail queries. Also, we have mentioned some possible reasons for transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail Account. As the manual solutions have some drawbacks then users must opt for a professional method to save their time and energy. The professional techniques also help users to export Yahoo emails to another yahoo account. We hope it helps to resolve your query or problems.  So, it is highly suggested to utilize the professional solution for a protective and safe conversion.

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