How To Fix A Corrupted Sd Card In 2020

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A 15mm x 11mmx 1mm micro SD card is the world’s most inexpensive and convenient media storage chip capable of storing high-resolution data. The SD card is usually compliant with most devices like professional cameras, music/ video players, android smartphones, and several other portable devices, so it has become a fan favorite today. 

With the turn up of the data storage industry, due to increased positive upheaval of market trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of inexpensive media storage chips has surged manifolds. However, accidental formatting, corruption, or physical damage of these chips is on the rise, causing distress among users as their data is compromised, defeating the purpose of the product. 

Sd Card

This is becoming a common dilemma in the modern-day as memory cards have a limited lifespan and are exposed to internal and external damages with increased usage. This article addresses the same and allows you to prevent or fix your damaged SD card.  

Signs That May Suggest Damaged/ Corrupted Sd Card

When an SD memory card gets corrupted, one must be prepared with the requisite knowledge to fix the issue. Any SD memory card is fixable until it is physically damaged, broken, or damaged to the extent that it cannot be set. It is simple, convenient, and can take as long as 5 minutes to resolve if the right procedure is followed, using the right tools.

As is the case with any digital device, the standard procedure aims at recovery and then troubleshooting. Mentioned below are some of the indicators which might suggest your SD card may be damaged or corrupted:

  • SD card files do not show up.
  • Memory card not found in your android device or camera 
  • SD card does not show up in Windows Explorer.
  • No SD card media available in Disk Management
  • SD card pops up in RAW in Disk Management.
  • “SD card damaged, try reformatting it” message shows up. 
  • Cannot open SD card due to denied access 
  • “Memory card not formatted, do you want to format it now?” message shows up.

Ways To Fix A Corrupted/ Damaged Sd Card

Here are a few solutions which will help you fix our existing damaged/ corrupted SD memory card.

1. Using A Different Usb Slot Or Adapter: To date, this is the most commonly reported problem related to an SD card not working and the easiest to fix. Using an alternate USB port or excellent shifting to an alternative device can resolve the issue. Trying out a different adapter is yet another resolve.

2. Data Recovery Softwares: Usage of online data recovery tools and software is the next most common alternative. Most of these data recovery software and tools are free to use and hence widely popular. Most free versions allow the user to recover up to 500MB of manageable data. It also gives assurity of data protection and backup to its users for the future.

3. Reinstalling Card Drivers: 12% of windows users face this issue, but it can be easily corrected by reinstalling the card driver manually. Usually, Windows updates these drivers from time to time, ensuring that the driver you are using is entirely up to date.

4. Windows Repair Tool To The Rescue: Yes, you heard it, Windows has its very own repair tool to sort out users with similar complications. Inbuilt in the Windows programs is a graphical tool that can check drives for system errors. Users can use this tool to scan and troubleshoot problems with their SD cards and recover essential data.

Corrupted Sd

5. Manual Formatting Of An Sd Card: When all else fails, one can try formatting the SD card manually. Usually, when an SD card is empty, Windows may or may not allow you to write files. Since the SD card is blank, there is minimal risk of data loss, and one can easily format it to FAT32. It should be noted that this only works for memory cards that have no stored data. Also try removing write protection from your micro SD card, as an alternative.

6. Taking Your Sd Card To A Recovery Center: If nothing seemed to work out, your last resort is to take your SD card to a recovery center. Professionals have prior experience in this subject matter and can help you resolve the issue.

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