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Imagine not having to lift more than your finger to get anything done. Imagine magic, where you can touch thing and make it do its own work, without you needing to operate or supervise it! Think of waking up in the morning and getting your breakfast and coffee ready just by pressing a button, then being driven to your office with a smart vehicle, protected with smart gear. When working, no need to worry about your family members, because you have a way to know their whereabouts without needing to call. Never forget things at the office, because you have smart digital assistant.

How long do you think we have to wait until we can taste such a life? Not long, I bet. Technology has always evolved, but these past few decades, they seems to compete to make themselves advanced as fast as possible. In 2008 we still order taxi manually – call the hotline, let the company send the driver, then wait patiently until they arrive. In 2008, Uber let the closest driver near you find you, eliminating the waiting time.

So, the future technology, some of it at least, are already here. We have 5 different products that will bring you closer to the future. Some of them are still not what Tony Stark has in his mansion, but close enough. Check these product of the future you can have now.

Memory Camera: Remember that Black Mirror episode where people can record their entire lifetime in a memory, zooming in zooming out, fast forward or backward whenever they need too? This memory camera is that device, although not as quite advanced. You will still need a screen to view all the recorded video (instead of projecting them from your eyes), but you get the idea. Although it’s still less advanced than the one in the series, the good side is, you don’t have to slice your skin open to put the memory chip inside your body.

Memory Camera

This camera works like improved body cam. You attach it on your upper body, and it will record everything you see. It’s pretty fun. You can also use it on your pet, if you want to know what they’re up to when they’re not with you.

Smart Watch: Okay, smart watch is not really new. For some reason, people aren’t that eager to adopt smart watch into their lifestyle, unlike what they did with smart phone. Some tech observers speculate that this is because people actually wear watch for its style, not for its function. All smartphone can show time, but why do some people still prefer to wear Rolex on their wrist? It’s not to tell time, but to make their appearance better. Smart watch, with its sleek design, isn’t really what most people need to improve their style.


So, in the future, maybe smart watch manufacturers would start to consider this aspect. Maybe they’ll start approaching famous analog watch manufacturers for design, but they will also make it smart, with many function. For now, there’s not much technology you can stuff into analog watch, but you can try watch like Smart Buckle, for both style and function (although still limited).

Smart Jacket: Smart jacket has even less consumer (for now) than smart watch. One of the reason is the price (because, not everybody can afford $350 jacket), but another reason is because currently the only manufacturer of such product is Google and Levi’s. But, is it a thing that is actually useful?

Smart jacket allows you to receive call with a touch of button on your sleeve. It can even read your message for you. It can also direct you to places you want with Google Maps. However, for now, probably not much, unless you’re a cyclist or a rider, who can’t constantly reach out to your phone on the pocket without endangering yourself on the road. For the future? Who knows? Imagine if you can integrate it with various apps, you can get an audio-book read for you, have teleconference, or compose an email without even needing your phone. It’s a taste of the future.

Virtual Reality Headset: Virtual Reality will change our life, the way screen did. It just needs some time to develop into more affordable, mass-produced stage. Virtual Reality will change how architect presents their draft to client, how artists make art, how companies market their product, and so on. It will change how you play your game, and probably also on how you check out a product before buying.


There are many options for VR headset these days. Unlike with smart watch and smart jacket, it seems like people are more ready to try VR, probably because it’s really a different experience, while both watch and jacket only enhance the previous experience with smart devices.

Digital Assistant: So far we have three digital assistants available: Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Not many people believe they are useful, but like other products here, they’re still in the very early stage, so for now they’re only helpful to search things on the internet, make shopping list, open an app for you, play music, turn on/off devices, and other minor things.

But, imagine if these products have developed well and are able to do more complex task. Imagine if you can set them to – say, do your grocery shopping online for you, or finding and calling and paying a pet sitter. The possibility is limitless. For today, you can ask them to help you with simpler task, but of course, a little help is always better than none at all.


Technology will always change, to be better. Some will change fast, some will take their time, but eventually they’ll change. Why not use what we have now and use them optimally so you can get all the advantages? These six smart devices are what the future devices will be based off. Be a trendsetter and use them before everybody else.

So, have you already tried those products? Do you have any other recommendation? Share what you have below.

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