3 Solutions to Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive

Pen drive, also known as USB flash drive, is a kind of portable storage device that is capable of storing tons of data. Kingston is a very popular pen drive brand because it is attractive and reasonable price.

Pen drive is not just used to save and transfer data, and it can also be used as a place for backing up important items. Owing to its compact design and good quality, Kingston has become a popular brand among pen drive.


However, in spite of the physical quality, Kingston Pen drives are also inclined to data loss on account of either human error or logical damages.For example, it can’t be recognized when connected to computer. Have you ever encountered this issue? Do you know how to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive with ease?

Common Causes for Kingston Pen Drive Failure

In general, after a long-term use, your Kingston pen drive may go malfunctioning because of-these reasons: bad sector, write- protection, virus attack and logical corrupt of the following reasons:

1. Virus invasion: Kingston pen drive will get corrupted easily when it is attacked by viruses.
2. Logical Damage: bad sector, MBR corrupt are included in logical damage of Kingston pen drive.
3. Driver Issue: If the USB driver of computer is missing or corrupted, Kingston pen drive will fail to connect with computer.
4. Write-Protection: When write-protection occurs on Kingston pen drive, it will become corrupted and on longer usable.

Don’t worry. No matter what reason leads to your Kingston pen drive unworkable, you can refer to the following guide to find a solution to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive.

How to Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive Easily

Case 1: The Kingston Pen Drive Is Not Showing up in Windows

If the Kingston pen drive is not showing up when you connect it with Windows computer, you can try the following methods to deal with it.

#1.Change Drive Letter and Paths: If you can find the Kingston pen drive in Disk Management, try to change its drive letter and paths.

#2.Change another USB port: Your computer will never recognize the Kingston pen drive if the USB port is damaged.so changing another USB port to connect the pen drive is a choice.

#3.Update Drivers: Check the driver to see whether it is damaged or outdated. Then, update it if necessary.

#4.Create Partition: One uncommon cause for pen drive not showing up is the entire drive goes into unallocated space. Under this circumstance, you need to right click on the unallocated space and create new volume.

Case 2: The Kingston Pen Drive Is Inaccessible

Have you ever met this situation that the Kingston pen drive can be recognized by computer successfully, but you can’t access it? It mainly occurs due to broken or unsupportedfile system.

Take it easy. You have chance to repair it. Formatting is a useful way. Here are 3 different methods to format a pen drive.

1. Format Kingston Pen Drive in Disk Management
① Enter Disk Management.
② Right click the Kingston drive and select Format.
③ Check the File system and Allocation unit size(unchanged.
④ Click OK to perform the format.

2. Format Kingston Pen Drive with Command Prompt
① Press Windows + R buttons. Type cmdin the dialog box and hit Enter to access to Command Prompt interface.
② Type these commandsdiskpart->list disk ->select disk * ->create partition primary ->format fs=ntfs. * is the figure in front of the pen drive. Do not forget to add Enter after each command.
③ Then, type assign to specify a drive letter to the pen drive.
④ Exit the Command Prompt until the operations are completed.

3. Format Kingston Pen Drive with Mini Tool Partition Wizard
• Install this partition wizard on your Windows. Run it to enter the main interface.
• Select Format Partition from the left sidebar.
• Choose wanted file system, keep cluster size and assign partition label.
• Click Apply in upper left to make the changes effective.

How to Rescue Data from Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive

If you fail to access the corrupted Kingston pen drive or you need to it but there is too much data saved in it, you are suggested to rescue data from the corrupted drive firstly. In order to finish this work easily, we have a powerful and reliable recovery tool to recommend – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Step 1: Download this tool and install it properly on your Windows.
Step 2: Connect the corrupted Kingston pen drive to your computer.
Step 3: Open the software to get the main interface and select Removable Disk Drive module.
Step 4: Pick up the pen drive to scan by clicking Scan.
Step 5: When the scanning process ends, check the found files to select what you need to recover by clicking Save. Specify a storage path for them.

Pay Attention: Please remember that don’t save the recovered files back to the corrupted Kingston pen drive; otherwise, it will lead to data overwritten.

Final Words: In a word, pen drive makes it easier to transfer and exchange data among different computers and devices. But you may sometimes be stuck in the dilemma that after connecting it to computer via a USB port, you discover the Kingston pen drive is not recognized disappointingly.

It is not an accident event. More and more users are suffering or have met this situation. Therefore, I focused on the two common cases of Kingston pen drive failure and put forward to corresponding methods to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive and recover data from it.

Of course, these methods can be also applied to fix the same issue other brands of pen drive(including Sony, San-disk, Toshiba, etc.) to make the pen drive show up on computer and become usable again.

As you see, Mini Tool Power Data Recovery is very helpful when data loss cases happen to you, don’t hesitate to try it if necessary. I hope this post can help you fix your corrupted pen drive.

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