From Providing Virtual Assistant to Giving You Opportunity to Earn Money, Here Are Five Best Keyboard App of 2018

Why do you need keyboard app anyway? Isn’t keyboard is already installed in your smartphone or iPhone? Why should you replace them with third-party app and increase the risk of malware or breach of privacy?

Well, the reason to bother with keyboard app is because the default one is not enough for some people who wants to type more efficiently. How many of you keep mistyping and then have to hit backspace only to have it delete most of your written text? Not to mention, some of us are blessed with big hand and these smartphone screen is tiny, so mistype will always bound to happen. But, should you let it be that way? Of course not, because you can install keyboard app and get their helpful feature to make you type more efficiently.

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Safety First

The demand for keyboard app are steadily high, and there are numerous companies or team developing their own keyboard app and offering them in the store. For us it could mean two things. First, we have so many options to choose from, means that there’s a high chance we can get whatever feature we need. Second, it means we have to be extra careful in deciding which app is genuinely trying to help us and which one is only out there for our money.

It’s okay to be a little bit paranoid about safety. Keyboard app is dreamland for data miner. After all, you enter many information about yourself through it – from user names on various sites to passwords, maybe even to credit card numbers and other vital information. Those are things that you don’t want other people to know.

One of the way to detect whether an app is safe or not is by checking their privacy policy. I know how tedious it sounds, but it really is important to know and understand how all of the things you enter into the site, including but not limited to age, sex, preferences, and hobbies – will be used by the company. Will they retain it for safety reason or will they prefer to sell our information out to some other companies to get more cash flowing?

Top Five Keyboard App Products in 2018

1. Cheetah Keyboard: In Google PlayStore, Cheetah Keyboard has been downloaded by more than a million reviews and boasted 4.5 stars review.

Cheetah Keyboard claimed they are the first among third-party keyboard app that uses Smart Reply feature. Basically, this app will read the message you received and based on the content, suggest reply options. All you need is to select the options, no need to type the answers anymore.

In the new version later, Cheetah can even make you earn money by viewing video ad. You’ll get coin as rewards, which can be converted into money later. However, the drawback for this feature is that you will see a lot of ads, as some users already complained about.

Aside from that, Cheetah Keyboard has the usual feature for keyboard app such as auto-correction, prediction, and gesture typing. Overall, this is one solid keyboard app of the year.

2.Go Keyboard: Go Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard app in Google PlayStore with more than 4 million reviews and 4.5 stars.

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Go Keyboard is proud with their 2P & 3S – Privacy and Personalization & Smooth, Speedy, and Smart Typing. As for Privacy, Go Keyboard stated that they will never record any of the personal information typed with the app, including credit card number and passwords. Meanwhile, they want to keep their user’s heart with Personalization. User can custom-design their own keyboard with 10000+ colorful themes, 1000+emoji and GIFs, 800+ emoticons, 100+ fonts and 60+languages.

For its 3S, Go Keyboard is loaded with Emoji Search, Auto-Correction, Gesture Typing, and Voice Input features. Overall, we love their personalization feature a lot and it’s one of the most fun keyboard app out there.

3.Keyboard SwiftKey:  SwiftKey currently has been reviewed by 2.5 million users in Google PlayStore and has rating of 4.5 stars.

We love SwiftKey for its simple yet functional interface. It has pretty standard feature, such as auto-correction, AI-powered prediction, swipe-to-type, emoji, and it is pretty good at learning new word you entered in your smartphone. Even if it doesn’t have outstanding feature, we think that their simplicity is their advantage – no need to fuss over useless and overboard feature that makes the app heavy. Basic stuff are usually the best stuff.

As for privacy, SwiftKey would require permission to read over your message in order to improve their vocabulary (this app loves learning new words), but other than that, you’re protected.

4.ZenUI Keyboard: This Asus-made keyboard app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users and receives overall rating of 4.5 stars.
This is another simple yet powerful keyboard that we dig so much, with one additional feature that we have yet to see in other app – split keyboard. This feature only works in tablet, because it requires certain width and length of screen. The split keyboard really make us type faster and more comfortable.

Other features are pretty standard, such as emoji and emoticons, theme store, voice input, auto-correct, and word prediction. Overall, this is the best keyboard app for larger devices such as tab or iPad.

5.TouchPal: TouchPal has been reviewed by over 93,000 users in Google PlayStore and received overall 4.6 stars.

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TouchPal is more than keyboard, it’s also your personal assistant. Its AI assistant is called Talia and it is capable to give you information regarding what word you just typed such as weather forecast, currency conversion, calculation, to dining recommendation. It’s really innovative and we have yet to experience something like this from other app.

Another innovation we love is its ability to convert words into GIF animation. Other than that, it is loaded with standard keyboard app features such as auto-correction, prediction, personalization, and curve-typing.

If you’re a visionary person and would love to stay ahead of everyone else even in the most trivial matter such as keyboard app, you must try TouchPal.

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