Fight Spam With Fake Mail Generator

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There’s a website you’re interested in, and you really want to browse through it and read all its content. However, before you can go through, the website requires you to sign up first. You groan. You really want to access the website, but you don’t want the influx of spam that will surely follows you to your inbox. What is the solution?

Here is where fake mail generator comes in handy. Wait, what? Fake mail? That sounds fishy, is it safe? How does it work?

If you want to access contents from website who will generously sends you more information that you ask a.k.a spam but at the same time you want to keep your inbox clean, then fake mail generator is what you need.

What is Fake Mail Generator
Fake mail generator is a service offering you one-time email address to use. You can use this email address to register to any site you want, therefore when that site sends you spam, the spam will be received by this email instead of your actual email. Therefore, you can ensure your actual inbox to be full only with email you deemed important.


Fake mail has many names in the internet. If you find someone talking about disposable email, trash mail, one-time email, and the likes, then most likely they’re talking about this.

Then What’s the Difference With the Usual Email?
You may think that you can just get another email account, and use specifically to register in sites like what you can do with the one-time email address. There are some differences, however. First, you can’t use fake mail to send email to other address. It is made specifically only to receive and save. Lately, however, some fake mail generators have developed this feature. Second, the account is usually temporary. Meaning that, after a specific amount of time, the address will be deleted, unless the fake mail generator offers option to keep the account alive. When the address is deleted, any mail sent there will be rejected, and all mail saved there lost.


What is the Main Advantage of Fake Mail Generator?
The main advantage is of course, the safety it offers to you. Email address can be considered as personal information. Several sites without clear privacy policy may collect email address from their visitors and sell them to other companies. Have you ever received marketing material from a company you have never even heard of by email? If yes, then one of the sites you subscribe (or subscribed) may have sold your email to that company.

You can try to be extra careful and read every website’s privacy policy before signing up, however, privacy policy is often made with legal jargon that makes it difficult for you to understand. You may have thought the company commits not to share any personal information, but then turned out they excluded email address from personal information category. It may happen. However, using fake mail generator, this sort of thing will not be a problem.

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The other main advantage is its ability to keep you spam-free. Registering email address for a site means that site wants to send you some emails. Usually, the reason they send you those emails are because they hope you’ll be interested in their product or service and buy a.k.a advertising. Unwanted advertising is another form of spam. Even though promoting their product or service is far more ethical than selling your email address to someone, separating your important email from the spams is still annoying and time consuming.

My Main Email Address Already has Spam Filter. Why Should I Use This?
It’s true that every email provider has developed advanced spam filter, however spammers usually have also developed advanced way to skirt through those filters, and manage to find their way to your inbox. Spammers versus spam filter is like hackers versus antivirus, they will continue to outdo each other, and during the process, there’s bound to be some accident in which the bad guys in. Using separate, temporary email address will guarantee this to not happen.

Is There Any Other Advantage of Fake Mail Generator?
Yes, there are two of them. First, you can choose your own domain. Choosing domain is usually not important, and you can just let the fake mail generator choose one for you. However, there are several sites that reject certain domain. Second, because it’s disposable, you can get your fake mail address very quickly, without any registration or entering personal information. Therefore, it’s really a quick process to get one. In some providers, you get your fake mail address the moment you visit the website – not any process required.

Is There any Other use for Fake Mail Generator?
Many people use fake mail generator to sign up and create as many social media accounts as possible – like Facebook – for various uses. Using fake mail generator helps to cut the time spent by a landslide. Some people also use fake mail generator to see or download contents without revealing who they are.

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How Do I Get my Own Fake Mail?
It’s really easy. All you need to do is head to the website of any fake mail generator. Some of the most popular fake mail provider are Fake Mail Generator, Email Fake, Temp Mail, Guerilla Mail, and 10 Minute Mail.

When you visit the fake mail generator website, they usually will give you an email address directly. You can use this address for signing up in a website or forum. Later, if you want to see the mail sent by the website or forum (for example, to confirm your registration), you can just login.

You will always need email address to see contents in forums or websites. If you use your real email address, not only you may compromise on your account’s safety, but also expose your inbox to spam. Fake email generator is free, is easy, and is temporary. There is no reason for you not to use them.

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