Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Beat Your Competitor

No matter where you are if you’re a business person, a student, or even an agent in some company, you will always have competitors.

In fact, since the time we were born, we had competitors. We tried our best to beat our competition in school, in college, and the fight still continues when you are at your workplace!


Beating your competition is never easy. You have to be aware of the right tricks and rules to overcome them. And if they are the fastest and the cheapest methods to beat your competition, then you don’t have anything to lose.

Competition exists in every market. Smart companies just play ahead of their rival companies. They know the methods of doing so efficiently.

Find out the six best methods to beat your competition efficiently.

Analysis of Competitor

Find out all that they are doing. This is common sense, right? To beat your competition, you should always try to know them. Hire an SEO agency, but then most of us can’t afford that, can we?

Make sure you know everything about them, and only after that you will successfully be able to beat them.

When it comes to methods like SEO, most people don’t even know who or what their competition is.


Run a competitor analysis. Tools like Ubersuggest would help you to understand who your competition is by ranking the common keywords.

You will easily be able to view how your rankings are, as compared to theirs. And as well as their SEO traffic, backlinks, domain scores, best of all, keyword opportunities (or keyword gap).

What keyword opportunities will break down is all of the keywords your competition ranks for and which you do not.

This way, you shall successfully be able to dive in and see all the keywords that they are targeting and those keywords that you are not, but you should be.

Also, You can hire a wordpress website design company to do the same. There are several companies to work for this. They give you the best results by their experiences.

Give Your Customers What They Want

In the business industry, your rule seems to work if you provide your customers with what they are looking for.

For this purpose, ask as many direct and straight questions that you want. Know what your users demand and then work on giving them what they are looking for.

You don’t have to sell them anything. Just be assured of the fact that you are doing all you can to solve their problems and work harder to solve further problems. You will get higher conversion rates, organic traffic, revenues, and everything that you are looking for if you approach this way.

The same works for the SEO industry. Perform a thorough keyword search and find out what your users demand. Base all your content according to that. In this way, you get higher organic traffic, which brings in more success for your company.

This is one efficient way of beating your competition because you are at your best. If you are the best, nothing can surpass you.

Create Your Own Niche

Working on some crowded platform will just increase your competition. The smarter way of success is to go in the direction where you have less competition.

So create your own niche or area of work. Choose something less crowded. Storytelling is an excellent way to start selling your products. You can at least create a buzz in the market.

With storytelling, you can become a part of your prospect’s lifestyle, but you also don’t remain a stand-alone product or service. Burst offers free stock photography, which you can use to create and promote stories about your brand across social media.

Own a Niche

Specialization does always lead to scalable and a successful business. A niche market is not only reliable, but its prospects are more comfortable to target.

Moreover, the customer retention rate is always reasonable. Start targeting locally essential platforms where your target customers will be present and adopt a niche marketing strategy for your customers.

Correct Pricing

What would you choose, personally? Something cheaper of something which has a high price?

People always tend to go for cheaper products. If you happen to have just started out with your business, it is an excellent opportunity to create your buzz in the market.Make sure your products have the correct price. This brings down your competition by many factors because people are interested in buying the right products that are also cheaper.

I am sure you would be familiar with the pricing and how appropriate your products are for that particular price. The price that you would like to set should be standard and also have a competitive advantage.

Find out how your rivals are pricing their products. Also, setting an appropriate price requires a good knowledge of the market scenario. An appropriate pricing strategy does not always mean that you should lower the prices of your existing products to win more customers.

Every market is divided into three sections – the lower, middle, and upper class.

Identify the class you are targeting. This forms the first step.

Once you can answer that, it would be easier to set a price that your customer would love to pay.

For example, this guide to Sequoia’s pricing strategy does cover all the tactics to help you set a pricing strategy that can efficiently beat your competitors.


Urban Outfitters was able to set their competition aside. They hired artists to design their stores. Their stores looked unique and innovative in comparison to their competitive stores, which had the cliched designs.

So you see, it is not about increasing your sales or number of products. If you have innovation, you are the winner.

The company successfully raised its revenues by a massive 500 percent to around $3 billion, successfully in the last ten years. Do not hesitate to bring in something new and innovative. This will unbelievably increase your success and beat your rivals. Do not care about the cost. It will all pay off.

For example, you could add something new to your existing business like Samsung said the virtual reality gadgets – VR.

Giants like Nokia and BlackBerry were removed from the smartphone market only because they had no innovation.

Always do keep in mind that your competitors are regularly innovating, and new stuff is entering the market. Your business should often innovate and, in a manner, that your competition always finds hard to copy.

Customer Service

Ever had to stay on call for hours on some shitty customer service platform? Well, if you know, you know. It can be uncomfortable at times. Your rivals can take the opportunity and use your poor customer service to their benefits. So you must have a good one.

If you impress your customers with satisfying service, they will refer you to their relatives and friends, and your exposure increases.

Hire patient staff who can attend the queries of your customers. They should also keep knowledge of the products your company manufactures. They must welcome your clients with a smile and satisfactory service.

And what you can do for them is to reward them for their excellent achievements. In this way, you can keep their motivation high, which is essential for every manager to do. Keep your employees happy. Boost their team spirit and working stamina from time to time.

Your customer service team must always remain courteous and respectful. They must always be responsive to the queries of your customers. They should have a problem-solving approach, and your staff must always ask for feedback. Companies that are focused on customers are staffed by dependable people who raise the level of customer satisfaction.

It is essential to define your brand and set a USP. Stay ahead of your competition in terms of quality, price, and customer care. Moreover, you must regularly talk with your customers so that you get to retain them for a long time.

Competition always remains, and it is up to you how you work on them. Your business is your baby. Work hard to give it all that you have got.Keep yourself updated on the recent changes in the market scenario. And keep up with the changes.The faster you blend in with the changes, the better you can survive in the market.These were the fastest and the cheapest ways to beat your competition.Tell us what you think of them and how do you plan to beat your competition.

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