Where and How to Download Minecraft Unblocked Game

Minecraft is one the most popular game of all time. It is the most downloaded and played, and up to 2018 last year, roughly 91 million people played it monthly. This game where players can build whatever they want using little pieces of blocks and follow an adventure within the world they’ve created.

Are you familiar with Minecraft or you’ve just started to get to know it? Want to download the game, but wonder how you can later play it at places that disallow it? Today we’re going to take a closer look at Minecraft and why you should play it, and finally in the end of the article we’ll reveal how you can download Minecraft, both the official and unblocked version.

Why Minecraft is That Popular?
A lot of things in our world are stacked. Brick layers, books, clothes – stacking things has always been a part of human life. Remember how when we were a child, we love to play with blocks of many shapes and try to put it on top of each other to make a tall building? Stacking things are fun, especially when they don’t collapse, and even more special again when you create a new shape from the shapes you use. It’s the basic premise of Minecraft, a simple game that offers limitless possibilities.

While stacking random simple things are toddler’s game, Minecraft is not. Minecraft does not only appeal to children who loves to play virtual Lego, but also to adults. And, it’s not only for the nostalgia value of playing games they used to play as a child. It’s more than that. Minecraft offers adult thousands of unique pieces for them to stack and unstack, to create complex and detailed result that suits adult’s taste and capability better.

The open-endedness of the game also makes Minecraft popular not only for gamers, but also for general public. It also doesn’t limit Minecraft future use as something that’s not just a game, but a platform for people to be creative and productive.

Lego Office

What’s the Difference With Lego?
Due to the nature of the game, many people have been comparing Minecraft with its earlier, more tangible counterpart: Lego. Both are open-ended game, with concept of stacking and unstacking small pieces to create a bigger one, with endless creative possibilities. The glaring difference is of course, Lego is tangible while Minecraft is not.

In recent years, however, some Lego fans have noticed that Lego nowadays doesn’t feel as fluid as before. Many newer Legos are designed to make a predetermined shape that is usually from popular film or series franchises, that makes the pieces that comes with it pretty specific. The more specific the pieces, the less choice the players have to use it.

Many Ways You Can use Minecraft, Besides Playing It
Gamers usually plays Minecraft in Survival Mode, where they must explore the Minecraft terrain and scavenge materials fresh from the outer world. However, even if you’re not an advanced gamer, you can still enjoy Minecraft using Build Mode, where all resources have been made available for you to use to build something.

With this mode, there are limitless way you can use Minecraft. Thanks to its open-ended nature, there’s no rules for you how to play it. Just use it as you’d like to. However, if you’re confused at what to try, here are several ideas to spice up your Minecraft in Building Mode.

1. Design Your Dream House: Designing home is one of the more popular non-gaming uses in Minecraft. You can build something simple like a single room to a huge mansion without any limitation beside your imagination. If you’re not sure where to start, there are many Minecraft tutorial for building certain types of house. There are millions video about Minecraft in YouTube for you to choose and start building.

2. Be a City Planner: If building a house is not challenging enough for you, you can try build an entire city. Of course, the difficulty level will be vastly different. If you’re not sure where to start to create a city that looks good enough, how about recreating your own city? Make the center of the city first: the plaza, the garden, or even something like Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Then, plan the road expanding from the center, and start filling them up with building.
3. Be a Product Designer: Product designer is a crucial position these days for any producing company. Why don’t you tap your inner designer soul with Minecraft? You can use its various pieces not only to make massive buildings, but also for detailed smaller things like furniture or even hardware equipment.
4. Relive Famous History: If you’re a fan of history, usually you have many ideas of things happening in past places. Recreate those famous historical buildings in your Minecraft. You can make an entire city of Rome in its peak period, or maybe you can make The Egypt Pyramid, complete with the Sphinx.

So, Minecraft is fun and educative, and it trains you to be creative. If you’re interested in playing it, you can buy the official version here.

However, sometimes the official version of Minecraft is blocked in several places, like at school or at office or at other public spaces not intended for gaming.

But don’t worry, you can still play the game, using Minecraft Unblocked version. With this version, you can play it in places that shouldn’t be able to. This version is not released officially.

Minecraft game

To get this Minecraft unblocked, you can find sites that provide Minecraft Unblocked version, such as Unblocked Gaming. After that, all you need to do is the following:
1. Download the Minecraft Game. Make sure that what you download is in jar format.
2. Go to your download folder and find the jar file. Double click on the file to open it.
3. If prompted, enter username and password.
4. Wait for the game to load, and after it finishes click Enter Game or simply press Enter.
5. Enjoy your Minecraft Unblocked!

Now, you can play Minecraft and train your creative mind anywhere, anytime. We hope this cover all that you need to know to start playing Minecraft Unblocked. If you think we miss anything, please share what you’d like us to write later in the comment. Happy playing, creative minds!

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