The Cost To Develop A Healthcare App Like Practo

Nowadays, people have become more health-focused than before worldwide, which is great. No matter what, the “health is wealth” statement is a naked truth. The advancements in technology have led to better treatments and services for doctors & patients. The latest technologies in the healthcare industry are reaching new heights. 

Mobile apps in technological fields are one such technical solution that is designed for human comfort and convenience. Apps like Practo are the best answer for those unwilling to wait for the doctor’s appointment in long line-ups.

Health app Practo is the first mobile app for healthcare appointment booking solution in India. It has been a massive success due to its unique UI & innovations in booking doctor appointments via the mobile app or website. This platform allows people to connect with the doctors at the apt time to get an appointment & treatment. 

Several healthcare organizations are planning to build an online healthcare app like Practo to offer better patient care. The major concern is how to choose the best app development company, and how much does it cost to build such an app?

There are a few other doctor appointment booking apps like Practo, such as HealthTap, ZocDoc, and Doctors on-demand. As a business owner, if you are looking to develop an app like Practo, you are in the right place. This blog will cover the factors that determine the cost of developing a Practo clone app, the benefits of such an app, and finally, how much it costs. 

Advantages of an App like Practo

An app like Practo is useful to both patients and doctors, so let’s dig deeper on how it’s helpful to both. 

  1. Choose Right Doctors: This app has doctor profiles for each category, and it helps patients look for an ideal doctor according to their concerns & issues. Each doctor fills in the essential information that helps users to pick the right doctor.
  1. Online Appointment Booking: No need to stand in those long line-ups outside the clinic. You can make an appointment with the mobile app selecting the date & time for the appointment too.
  1. Book a Lab Test: If the doctor asks patients to take some tests before prescribing the medications, users can book a lab test from the app too. A lab professional will visit the patient’s home & collect the samples. Patients aren’t required to visit the lab.
  1. Medicine Delivery: This extra feature in your app assists the patients to purchase online. They need to simply search for the prescribed meds by their name & place the order & get it delivered on time.
  1. Online Profile: Patients are seeking super experienced doctors having excellent academic qualifications & a good background in doctor. These days, people search for some information before appointing any doctor & the doctor’s online profile will undoubtedly help you with this.
  1. Online Consultation: Doctors can maximize their income by delivering goods & warning responses to the users who ask health-related questions. Doctors can register into the app & give online consultation to those who visit them.


Features of Healthcare Booking App Like Practo

  • Fast & easy registration/login
  • Easy options to pick doctors, spas, and labs.
  • Opportunity to check earlier booked appointments
  • Facility to ask free health-related queries to healthcare experts. 
  • Look for a doctor based on area, availability, and treatment type. 
  • Option to look at the doctor’s qualifications, fees, and overall feedback from their patients.
  • Chance to have a private online session with a doctor.
  • Facility to display patient medical records to the general doctor via video call
  • Chance to get a free Uber ride voucher to reach a doctor on demand. 
  • Chance for appointment scheduling & canceling, & the possibility to share the app.

Factors the Determine the Cost of Developing An App like Practo

  1. App Platform: This is a significant cost deciding factor in the Practo clone app. There is a major difference between the platforms for the cost of healthcare app development. This type of app for android devices is somewhat higher than iOS app development as Android’s emulators are slower than iOS and have more devices to be tested against. Hence, more lines of codes are needed to be written.
  1. App Design: An app like Practo needs more money to be spent. A good app design aims to engage users with awesome UI and UX designs. Hyperlink embraces the best designing practices to design an app like Practo at an affordable cost.
  1. App Size: App size means the total no. of features & functionalities that the healthcare app contains, like patients & doctors’ database, articles, and regularly posted queries by patients and recommendations provided by doctors.
  1. App Developers: The cost of an app like Practo can differ on the app developer’s geography, real-time location, and experience level. The healthcare app developers in India will charge less than those overseas app development companies to develop an online appointment booking app like Practo.
  1. Mobile Wallet: A mobile wallet is useful to avoid payment hassle & ensure payment happens promptly. Wallet development & its integration into the app can cost additional bucks but brings more advantages on the plate.

The Cost To Build An App Like Practo


Finding the exact cost of building an app is not practical. The app development cost will consider several different points like the app category, features, complexity, team experience, and team location. These are the factors that could influence the app development cost. According to experts, a simple app with basic features will cost you up to $9000-$10,000. 

Conclusion: Considering today’s time, an online healthcare appointment booking app needs the hour as they simplify our work & enables the users to get prompt action on their issues. A great app needs active collaboration between the clients & the app development company. Our expert team at Hyperlink Infosystem will help you shape your ideas and solve your queries concerning yours. Without further delay, get in touch with us!

Author Bio: Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, an app development company in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like top app development companies.

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