Computer CMOS Battery Failure Symptoms

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CMOS is an abbreviated of “complementary metal oxide semiconductor” which will help you in order to store the day, time and month on your personal computer. Since every computer is attached to this CMOS chip and it is very much important that take care of the CMOS battery failure. The CMOS battery will continuously provide power to the CMOS chip. And hence it is very much important that you should take care while booting your computer device.

How to Detect CMOS Battery Failure: As we know that the CMOS is a small battery that is eventually fitted in the motherboard of your computer device. The lifespan of CMOS is about 5 years.In order to extend the battery life then you should use your computer regularly. This will, therefore, increase the ability of your device which will therefore and hence the battery life. If in case your computer is not plugged or used regularly then the lifespan of the CMOS will be reduced which will be about 3 years. So if you regularly use your device then it will be expanded from 3 to 5 years. The battery will provide continuous power to your CMOS memory as well as to the real-time clock.

Cmos Battery

Symptoms of CMOS battery failure: CMOS battery capacity is 3 volts. Your computer device is said to lose memory is the voltage drops below the specified level. Which will, therefore, change the settings of CMOS. The following are the symptoms of CMOS battery failure.

  • All the settings including drive type, FDD, NUMs lock, of your device will be changed. This will, therefore, cause your device with booting problem.
  • There will be the message displayed as “Booting Error, which means that the computer is unable to detect the disk drive.
  • Frequently your device will be shutting down which will not allow you to do your work.
  • And in some cases, your system may be slow. And hence you need to replace your CMOS battery in order to access your device faster.
  • You may find some drives missing or they may not work properly. Which will lead you to print problem even when you install a printer?
  • In some cases, your mouse may not respond properly. This will give you an attention that your mouse is not working but actually, this is due to the CMOS battery problem.
  • You may be hearing some constant beep sounding while you are working with your system. Therefore you need to replace your CMOS battery instantly.

How to Choose CMOS Battery for Your Device: In order to choose your CMOS battery, it is best recommended to get it from the local computer stores. And the best choice is to select coin-sized 3V CMOS that is easily available in online stores. The premium size is best recommended because it has the trouble-free operation. Make sure that your CMOS battery lasts for 5 years. You can even purchase the cheaper ones which will last for only a few years. Before purchasing the CMOS battery it is very much important that you should check the rating of the device.

Once you find the desired CMOS battery then you can easily fit it in your computer device or you can get it done by the computer technicians.Symptoms

Procedure to Replace CMOS Battery: The following procedure will help you how to replace your CMOS battery.

  1. First, you should switch off your device and then remove your power cord or the battery of your laptop.
  2. Next, you should remove the cover of the CPU. If in case you are using the laptop then you need to use a flat-head type screwdriver to remove it.
  3. Inside the device, you will find CMOS battery on the motherboard. Here you need to use flat headed type screw in order to remove it from the motherboard.
  4. You can also use the multimeter in order to check the voltage of the old battery. The voltage is below 3 V then it is time for you to replace it.
  5. Once you replace the CMOS battery with the new one then you need to replace the computer cover and tighten the screws.
  6. Now gently power the plug cord and then switch on your device. Once you replace the CMOS battery then you need to enter the correct settings. Once after booting is completed you need to enter the time and date.

Therefore, your computer or laptop is ready for you to use again.As a small suggestion it is recommended that you need to regularly use your laptop or computer in order to save the life of CMOS battery

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