How To Choose The Best APP For Editing

Installing the best apps for editing your photos and videos has become an absolute necessity. There is a lot to look for in a perfect app that can be used for editing. From overlying the right filter on your picture to cropping the image to the perfect size for your social media channel, the app must suffice for all editing needs. You need something that will live up to your expectations while leaving your followers impressed.

To choose the best app for editing you need to look into the key features that the app offers. This article will help you analyse different video and photo-editing apps that will facilitate your needs according to your preferences.

App editing

Another crucial factor that decides the credibility of an app is the display of your content at larger screens such as an outdoor LED screen. It should not lead to blurriness or create glitches in your images and videos. Multiple companies for LED screen advertising in Dubai are making use of video and picture editing apps that offer premium editing features. Luckily, there are many such apps that have the highest user ratings and are available on most platforms for free of cost. The top photo and video editing apps are described as follows:

VSCO: VSCO app is an amazing photo editing app that is recognized by countless professional vscophotographers. Not only is the app free but it also is available for both Android and iOS users. Certain advanced features offered by the VSCO app require users to purchase to unlock. The editing tools offered by the VSCO app are rather common among all photo-editing apps. However, what makes VSCO standout among the apps is its quality of editing. It allows users to try a bunch of tools that includes white balance, shadows, highlights, etc.

VSCO has built-in unique filters that enhance the quality of the picture, make it aesthetically pleasing and polishes your photos seamlessly. VSCO offers tools that will align your Instagram profile with your expectations. The basic editing features are handy to use for a quick fix of your photo. These features include cropping, adjusting exposure, sharpness and colour.

ADOBE LIGHTROOM: Adobe Lightroom app is among the best photo-editing apps, seeing how users are able to edit photos in a way that makes them appear as if they are professionally touched. This editing app is completely free of cost, with the exception that certain premium features are charged. The app offers unique features that not a lot of photo-editing apps can compete with. The advanced features allow you to fix your pictures by adjusting the exposure, colour, white balance, gradient, and clarity settings.

Although the app requires users to get used to it because of the rather complicated settings. it is still easier for users to edit their pictures as the app provides free tutorials on how to edit like a pro. The app also supports direct sharing to social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and flick.

ENLIGHT PHOTOFOX: Enlight app is an amazing app for anyone who is looking for an app with editing as well as masking features. The app allows you to correct your pictures by making geometric adjustments by the correcting tools that you have easy control over. The app has numerous pre-set styles that you can apply to your pictures without having to learn complicated editing techniques. They offer other unique features such as light leaks, textures, frames, borders and collage layouts. Adjusting the colours, tones, and other details of the picture are made easier with Enlight.

The app also offers unique customization highlights, which include drawing, writing and doodling on the photos and adding customized text, along with borders and frames.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS: Adobe Photoshop Express is another photo-editing app launched by Adobe. Its easy-to-use interface and advanced editing tools will help you polish images to bring out their true appeal. The app offers countless tools that allow you to edit your photos at a basic and advanced level alike. It offers convenience to users by editing photos that have been directly uploaded from your device.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The app offers a plethora of designs to style your collages. The range at which the app offers various features is impressive. The editing is fairly easy and is attributed to the classical interface. This makes you only a touch away from adjusting the exposure, contrast and white balance of the image. Retouching selfies to remove blemishes, dark circles and enhancing the skin glow will provide you satisfactory results for any picture.

PICSART PHOTO EDITOR: PicsArt Photo Editor is entirely free of cost and is available on all platforms. It is amongst the easiest to use photo-editing apps, provided that it has a relatively easy interface. The app also has the most glamorous stickers that use AI to blend in the picture. Drawing tools allow you to customize your photo and the filters suffice to enhance the appeal of images.

The best part about using this app is that you can impress your social media followers by using animated GIFs that can be extracted from videos or combining images. Have fun with your picture or professionally develop them accordingly to match your Instagram theme and amaze your followers and friends.

FILMORAGO: FilmoraGo is an acclaimed video editing app with numerous primary functions. It allows you to perform the basic video editing functions such as trimming, cutting, adding background music, adding themes, etc. You can fit the video into the sizes for the platform that you want to upload on. For instance, for Instagram, the sizes are limited available for putting up on your profile or stories. To upload your videos on YouTube you can adjust the size likewise. Other features to alter your videos are available too, such as create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, add text, etc.

Other premium features would cost you but the results are worth it if you want to take your video editing to a whole new level.

ADOBE PREMIERE RUSH: Adobe Premiere Rush makes video editing easier for users by offering multiple premiere tools. The interface may appear intimidating at first but once the user gets the hang of it, video editing becomes fun and easy. It has unique video styling features that require you to upload a couple of images. Once you upload them, the app will automatically combine them to produce a stylish video. You can also choose to manually create a video as well.

Other video editing features include trimming, cutting, adding transitions, music, effects, filters, etc. are easy to use. The best part about this app is that it is free of ads and allows direct sharing to various social media platforms.

VIDEOSHOW: VideoShow is among the most recognized video-editing apps in Playstore. It has received many awards attributing to its unique video-editing features. Many users trust VideoShow to deliver premium quality videos, as the app can also be used for multiple forms of customization. Users can trim, cut, add texts, effects, music, and sound effects and can even perform dubbing by providing an audio file.

POWERDIRECTOR: PowerDirector is an amazing video-editing app with special features that allow you to edit videos easily through a timeline interface. The app will bring out the professional video artist in you with its high-resolution quality and premium features that include, slow-mo, various effects, and transitions. The tutorial provided by this app will enable you to use the app as a professional in no time.


KINEMASTER: KineMaster has one of the most advanced and well-designed interfaces. It is convenient for users and saves a lot of time. The app uses a simple drag and drops feature to import different media files. While editing videos you will be in complete control over the vast amount of choices. This will enable you to create professional-looking videos in a couple of minutes. Adding subtitles is made easier with this app as simple one-click options are available for it. Other features include adding images, texts, effects, overlays, stickers, etc.

CONCLUSION: Even the most renowned photo-editing and video-editing software require some amount of practice to produce professional videos. However, with the help of these easy-to-use apps, you can easily edit your pictures and videos that will appear as if they have been professionally polished. These apps will facilitate you with all the key features you need to edit a video or picture. The best part is that not all of them come with additional cost. There are multiple free apps you can try.


Every app is unique in its own way and you can experiment with them, provided that most of them are free of cost. They are also not massively heavy to put a strain on your devices. Installing these apps will not only make your life much easier but will help you shine in the social media community.
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