Can I See Who Views My Instagram?

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Today, you had a good day. You hung out with your besties, ate delicious food, and had fun together. Of course, you took photos (many of them!) and posted them on your Instagram. One minute, two minutes, three minutes later, you will feel your curiosity picks up. Who have seen your post? Have the majority of your follower seen it, or only less than a half? A question will appear on your mind: can I see who views my Instagram?

Or maybe, sometimes you’re just worried. Have anyone ever stalked your Instagram? Could it be that you have secret admirers who really want to get to know you, but so far can’t summon any courage to approach you, and therefore they start by viewing your Instagram posts? Again, a question will appear on your mind: can I see who views my Instagram?

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For individual, this may seem like a trivial thing to worry about. For a business owner trying to grow her or his business, however, this is important matter. Knowing who has enough interest to check out their product or service will benefit them. They will know whether or not they have reached the right target market, which will help them shape their marketing strategy better.

So, we’re back to the question. Can I see who views my Instagram?
In a way, you can. When you post a picture or video in Instagram, you can see who have liked and comment on them. While this doesn’t always mean that the person has visited your Instagram profile directly and scrolled down to see all your posts, at least, you know that they have seen your post in their feed, and they’re responding to that.

However, it’s not the answer you want. If it was me, I’ll want to know if there’s any way to see who views my Instagram, especially those who just lurk around and view all my posts without bothering to leave any like or comment. So, can I see who views my Instagram, especially those who hasn’t left anything there?

Good news. Yes, we can.

Can I see who views my Instagram? Yes, post a story (or several of them!): You can’t see who have seen your profile and scrolled down through your posts, but Instagram has made it possible for you to see those who have viewed your story. Instagram Story is a feature where user can post picture or short videos temporarily – meaning Instagram will automatically delete the post after 24 hours.

Instagram Story is added to Instagram feature so user can post a lot of contents of the same subjects without cluttering their follower’s feed. Users can also see who have seen their stories by looking on the lower side of the screen. They will see an icon of an eyeball, and if they swipe the icon up, the username of those who have seen the post will be visible – follower or not.

Many social media experts have said that this is Instagram’s move to catch up with Snapgram, where users can see who have seen their videos. It’s a successful move as well, because users love the feature so much Instagram keeps adding improvement to it.

The advantage of using this method is, you don’t have to do anything – the feature is built-in. All you need to do is post a story, then once it’s published, tap it and swipe up, and the list will appear. The downside of using this method is, you can only see who have viewed your story. You can’t see who regularly visits your page and scrolls through your photos.

Can I see who views my Instagram? Yes, use third-party apps: If you’re looking for something more specific, then it’s time to get more advanced. You will need to rely on other’s help – in this case, third-party apps. Third-party apps to see “who views my Instagram” are usually not trustworthy, because Instagram itself doesn’t share any private information of their user to just anyone, including third-party apps developer.

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The trustworthy ones, however, use algorithm combination based on likes, followers, and comments you received. They can’t be 100% accurate, although some have pretty good reputation among those who have tried. Social Fans, Social Tracker, and InstaReport are three that are often mentioned during this kind of talk.

The advantage of using this method is you can see who have viewed your Instagram as a whole, not only in stories. The downside of using this method is, these services are usually not free. Social Fans, for example, are notorious for its accuracy, but they charge as much as $40 a month. Social Tracker charges around $27.99 a month. That’s quite a sum, unless you’re running a business in Instagram. And then, even after all those payment, there is no telling how accurate they are.

This method also has several risks. Some of the apps with little to no recognition can be a disguise for a scam. Always remember not to sign up with apps that ask you to provide them with your Instagram password, instead of linking their application with your account. Also, even if the apps themselves are genuine, lately, hackers love to attack them because their defense are usually not as strong as bigger apps like Instagram, but they have the same information about the user as Instagram (if you link your account, that is).

In 2018, Instagram will still be one of the biggest players in social media. Their highly visual content and easy navigation still attract many people, therefore, it’s reasonable and sensible for a business owner to want to make the best of this platform. Knowing who views your Instagram profile will give you more ideas for marketing strategy, so it’s natural to be curious: can I see who views my Instagram?

The answer is, yes, you can. With two methods above, you can see you visits your Instagram profile. However, each method has its own advantage and disadvantage. Which one of them will answer your question perfectly, only you can answer that, after trying them.

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