Best New Android Features for Android Developers

The new Android10 might not come with any sweet treat nickname attached but that doesn’t make the new release any less important. We still have a whole new version of Android to get stuck into. This new version of Android will be shipping on just about every new Android phone for the next year. Android10 is more of a refinement than just a huge visual overhaul but it does bring big changes to navigation, notifications, and privacy as well as bringing in some of the features we can expect from the Pixel 4 devices. If you are in need of an android app, it is better to consult an Android app development company to access experienced android developers with the perfect set of skills to meet your android app development objectives. In this blog post, let’s take a closer look at the features of Android’s new release.


1. UI Changes: First, let’s take a look at the changes Google made on the Android 10 UI. The biggest and most noticeable change is the new gesture control. It replaces the home and back button from android Pi with a single white line that is only visible to users while they access an app. From there it’s simply a matter of learning the new navigation controls. Unlike previous versions of Android, Android 10 allows users to now head back to the home screen at any time simply by swiping up from the bottom. The back button is replaced by swiping in from either the left or right edge of the screen. Additionally, users can also adjust these gestures from the settings. There are a couple more neat tricks you can do with Android 10, you can switch between applications by swiping horizontally across the bottom and it’s more faster and a lot more efficient than double tapping the recent apps in the older versions of Android.

2. 5G Compatibility: It’s only a matter of time before carriers totally replace 4G with 5G connectivity. The new era of 5G will mark the beginning of zero latency video streaming, graphic-intensive cloud multiplayer gaming, and much more. To meet these modern network demands, Google has introduced 5G compatibility for its new Android 10. The latest version of Android also extends 5G support for its existing APIs. 5G platform support will deliver ten times more performance to applications over 4G so that users can enjoy immersive user experience with extremely minimal latency.

3. Location Privacy: Android 10 gives more control for its users over the location usage of apps and users can now disable the location information of the apps they use less frequently. Users can enable or disable their location preferences for specific apps from their phone’s privacy settings. Other than location preferences, Android 10 also gives users the choice to disable their application and website activity, app permissions that include access for the camera, microphone, and much more. From a user perspective, the privacy updates that ships with Android10 will greatly improve users’ control over apps. Other than that, it will help save battery life, which is what most users prefer these days.

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4. Smart Notification Reply: Most of us have probably used smart notifications in Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter etc and it seems to be a handy feature while messaging on the go. Surprisingly, Android 10 brings these features to some of the most used third-party apps which include Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Android10s new smart notification feature uses Machine Learning to compile smart replies by analyzing the responses from the messages users receive. Users can find these smart notifications from the notification panel by default. Android 10 also gives added flexibility for its users to disable this feature.

5. Supports Foldable Devices: Foldable devices are now one of the biggest trends in the smartphone industry. Manufacturers like Samsung introduced foldable smartphones recently by optimizing the OS. However, it didn’t receive much attention as Android doesn’t provide any default support for foldable devices. Android10 on the other hand now provides multi-window support. So, developers can now build and test Android’s foldable emulator to ensure that their apps scale properly across multiple screens.

6. New Dark Mode: Android 10 ships with a new dark mode that turns the entire operating system in a pure black hue. This can save battery life as well as gives less strain to the user’s eyes. Users can turn on this from the quick setting drawer and will automatically turn on when the phone enters power saving mode. Other than its own apps, Google now provides its API for other app developers as well, so that they can ensure their applications follow the rest of the OS.

Apart from the features that we mentioned above, the new version of Android has some other cool features which improves accessibility such as shortcuts for live transcription, quick replies, sound amplification, live media captions and a bunch of other stuff. Out of these accessibility features, the most impressive functionality is live caption. You can use this functionality to read what’s being said from videos, podcasts, and other audio contents. Google has also revamped a bunch of existing features such as parental controls,digital wellbeing,etc.

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