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Smartphones have replaced desktop computers almost all over the globe. People prefer easy, portable and hand-held devices with faster internet access rather than sticking to a single chair with your computer to function. Be it business, education, shopping, health care or bank payments, every field has transformed itself into a digitized version. In today’s world, for effective communication with customers, it has become a dire need for every business to have an online presence.

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After decades of development in the technology sector, people have started to look up for products and services using different methods. Instead of surfing websites, they wanted a more effortless way of doing things. This shift in the mindset of the customers has made businesses look for a solution that could appeal to the audience and grab the attention of potential customers. Here is when mobile applications come into play.

Benefits of Mobile Applications in the Real World:
● Direct Communication: Customer Engagement is a lot easier when it comes to Mobile Apps. New product launches and constant promotional offers keep the customer involved, hence increasing the overall visibility of the business.
● Faster access: Mobile Apps are 1.5 times faster than responsive websites. After all, data retrieval in the blink of an eye is what a customer demands.
Increased Customer Loyalty: Push notifications and constant reminders motivate the customer to look into the products which can effectively increase sales and viewership.
● Boost Profits: Mobile applications increase the viewership which simultaneously increases sales. More pleased the customers are, more sales are likely to be observed.
To achieve brand recognition and all the aforementioned benefits, many online App builders make it easier for businesses to get a user-friendly mobile application.

What is an App Builder?
An App builder is a mobile development platform where developers can make creative, complex, speedy yet secure applications. Online app builders have made this struggle more painless and the goal is likely to be achieved in a shorter period.

Several online app builders are currently available which provide, both, front-end and back-end functionalities. They come up with a lot of default templates to make it less challenging for users to get the design of their choice. With an extensive list of features, online app builders are categorized based on the types of applications they build.

App builder

Following is the list of App builders that provide good features and interactive interfaces to developers:

List of Best App builders:
1. Appy Pie: It is the world’s largest no-code app development platform. It allows the user to add many features in his application such as:
● Push Notifications
● Navigation
● Integration of photos and videos
● Multilingual app
● Designing a loyalty program for customers

Hence, Appy Pie is best for people who are looking for a very simple, quick, and creative way to design an app.

2. Apptive: It is a platform to build simple and smooth e-commerce and m-commerce mobile apps. Apptive provides its users with facilities such as:
● The low total cost of ownership
● Zero Maintenance
● Personalized UI and functionalities
● Pre-Integrated APIs

Hence, Apptive is most suitable for retailers and brands who want to create their software to meet their mobile commerce needs.

3. Shoutem: It is one of the many efficient app development platforms. It uses React Native to build iOS and Android apps. It comprises of the following features:
● Monetization
● 40+ built-in screen types
● 200+ customizable layouts
● Cost-effective development
● Easy maintenance
● A dedicated team of experts

Hence, Shoutem is for the development of simple applications. It is not suitable for applications requiring high-graphics, like video games.

4. Code Brew Labs: Looking for top-notch service for mobile apps development in Dubai? Code Brew Labs cater to all sorts of businesses, including Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Home Services, Healthcare, etc. It provides the following:
● Complete Source Code
● White Label
● 100% user-based customization

Hence, Code Brew Labs is a one-stop solution for all sorts of businesses to elevate their brand to another level by making a smooth mobile app with a sleek user interface.

5. GoodBarber: It is another mobile app builder that allows you to design an e-commerce app. It also offers extensive features and advanced mobile technologies, which is a major requirement for such mobile applications. Following are the basic features of GoodBarber:
● Push Notifications
● One-Click payment
● Auto Login
● Chat channel

Hence, GoodBarber is a platform which doesn’t require you to have coding experience. With 500+ features for building a user-friendly application, it is a 5-star online app builder.

6. Appsmoment: This one is yet another mobile app building platform for iOS and Android operating systems. With no setup fee and no coding, Appsmoment comes up with the following traits:
● Fast development
● Game Apps
● Monetization
● QR Codes
● Conversation tabs
● Podcasts
● In-App purchases

Hence, Appsmoment is best for people looking for an online app builder with an extensive list of features to develop the simplest yet secure application.

7. Yapp: This platform allows users to design, customize, and deploy their applications in a very short period. Yapp is a platform for creating mobile apps for their meetings, conferences, and group conversations. People engage, collaborate, and communicate with each other via the app which saves a lot of printing costs and other expenses, hence putting meeting budgets to good use. It has the following features:
● Unlimited pages
● Push notifications
● Low cost
● Constant updating of new templates and designs

Yapp is a unique app builder that saves money, provides a delightful experience, and lets the developer build an engaged community.

8. Bizness Apps: Bizness App is the number #1 app builder for small businesses. Bizness Apps facilitates applications for restaurants, schools, health and beauty, real estate, and community. It has the following features:
● Drag and Drop facility for easy designing
● Expert team for help
● Loyalty programs
● 24-hour customer support

Hence, Bizness Apps is a user-friendly platform that provides an extensive toolset, to begin with.

9. Swiftic: It is an iOS and Android application maker which is fast and easy to use. Swiftic deals with application building for small businesses. These businesses can be e-commerce, health & beauty, restaurants, etc. Following is what you get when you become a Swift member:
● Your customizable design
● Guaranteed success
● Expert Guidance
● Tools such as Push Notifications and instant updates.
● Effortless App creation

Hence, Swiftic lets a developer create, publish, and grow. It is the most suitable small and medium-sized business.

10. Mobincube – Mobimento Mobile: It is a free online app builder used for building all kinds of applications. It offers a huge platform to develop an app related to business, education, health, home, entertainment, games, etc. Mobincube includes:
● Drag, drop, copy, paste
● Flexible templates, providing highly customizable designs
● Monetization
● Audio & Video
● Source Codes
● Navigation Bars
● Online Shop
● Push notifications
● Databases

Hence, Mobincube for an easy 4-step solution: Sign up, Create, Build, and Publish. It is for all sorts of businesses.

All the aforementioned online app builders for android and iOS are the most used platforms. With the help of these 4.7 to 5-star reviewed builders, a business owner can create an application according to the theme and needs of his business.

AppStylo: It is a free app builder providing the best features that an app builder could have. It is very easy to use for creating native android and iOS applications without any coding knowledge. Some of the most useful features include:
• Pre-Built Templates
• Drag and Drop Components
• Social Media Integration
• Navigation Panel
• Live Preview
• Integrated WordPress
• Social Media Sharing

All these characteristics make APPSTYLO best mobile app maker which has a rating of 4.9. You can try this for a simple and unique solution for building mobile apps.

Advantages of Using Online App Builders:
Some of the advantages, that may convince you to take help of an online app builder instead of going for a developer, are:
● People who do not like to code and still want to be developers can use these online app builders to practice their skills.
● Unlimited DIY templates and UI designs increase the level of creativity.
● Drag and drop feature reduces the amount of time needed to create an app.
● Monetization helps businesses to make money.

Conclusion: Mobile applications play a vital role in boosting the sales and visibility of a business. They are the best marketing tool used almost all over the world by large and small businesses to get in touch with the customers. Customers also look up to things that are easy to access. Mobile applications have proved themselves in the market by fulfilling the needs of customers and increasing revenues for businesses. From shopping to online gaming, health to entertainment, business to education, mobile applications are of great use.

Online mobile application builders for Android and iOS operating systems have made it less challenging and more enjoyable for a developer by providing an immense amount of features and expert guidance. A full-stack developer would love to build the front-end using only drag, drop, copy, paste features. Online App builders deliver professional-level applications with zero lines of code and the best User Interface.

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