Are USB Drives No More?

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No, USB drives are still in the market and running on a slower track. It has happened due to the emergence of multiple other storage options that have emerged right in front of us. For example, the obvious cloud security option. The famous names like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive etc. are now pretty much the most common names in cloud services that have taken the responsibility from USB drives for storing the user’s data. After their introduction, it was only a matter of time these cloud accounts became the next big thing due to the convenience it offers.

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Why Cloud Services Took Over USB Drives?

  • Cloud services does not bound you to have any physical drive. USB drives however does force you to carry a physical drive
  • Cloud services upload your data on to the cloud while USB drives keep your data within the drive
  • Cloud services so far have not reported any major number of data theft cases. However, in USBs, there is a higher chance of your data being corrupted while being inserted in a public computer
  • Hence, looking at the advantages, a common user had less or no chance to shift towards the obvious medium of storage.
  • But then again there are still users who are attached wit their USB drives. This has happened, as people do not have enough faith onto these cloud accounts as they keep the user’s data onto a server that is controlled by their cloud management team. However, in USB, your data remains with you while you roam around.
  • However, there also exists an option that would let you protect the data inside your USB drives with even better security. A USB security software that password protects data to make sure nobody is able to access your private information. It is known as UBS secure and protects your drives in the following manner:

The Process of Protecting USB drives:

  1. Insert your USB drive into the PC and run the USB Secure setup program to install USB Secure.
  2. Next, run the application
  3. Note that if you got this software already installed on your USB drive, an auto play window would appear showing you the following two options:
  4. Open USB-Drive
  5. Protect This USB Drive
  6. Click on ‘Protect This USB Drive’ option to password protect your drive. Doing so ask you to create and confirm a password. Once done, tap on ‘OK’ to proceed further
    Hence, now your drive and data are secure using password protection

To Unprotect Data, Follow the Steps Mentioned Below:

You must learn how to unprotect your drive in order to access your data.

  1. To do so, enter your correct password and tap on ‘Unprotect’
  2. In case if you have existing folders or files secured by USB Secure, then the software might ask you to replace these files while you unsecure the data
  3. Click on ‘Replace’ button if you want to replace the data with unprotected items or tap on ‘Cancel; if not interested. Regardless of what you select, the data would be unprotected and would be accessible to you

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In addition, you would see the following auto play options:

  • Enable the Auto play for this device
  • Show auto play list containing USB Secure
  • Execute USB Secure on auto play

These options are active by default. However, you have right to enable or disable them by checking or unchecking the box next to each option. After setting your preferences, tap on ‘Done’ button to confirm and close the options menu.

Hence, the need for a portable security software always existed where USB Secure proves to be a vital password protection software. Data protection security along with drive security is what this software easily offers. In addition, it helps you secure jump drives, USB drives, pen drives, thumb drives and memory sticks or cards.

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