Automate Your Business with Our Best 5 Selection of MIS (Management Information System) Software

Every business owner’s dream is to grow their business. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the number on your assets increasing, because finally it feels real.

However, as your business grows, so does your work. You can no longer call all of your personnel to your room for morning briefing, nor listening their report one on one, because there are too many of them for your time.

That’s why automation is essential for business. It takes over your need for data collection, administrative task, and even production. You can let MIS software do all these, while you empower your employees to do more substantial and creative task that will benefit your business more in the future.

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How MIS Software Helps you Run your Business
MIS software will definitely transform how you do business, especially in these aspects:

Data Management: In small business, managing data manually is possible. You can tell your employees to take a note of every material purchase or product sales, then collect the notes at the end of the month and calculate them. You’ll then have your data and you can make decision based on that. Is sales this month increasing or decreasing? Is raw material price is still affordable?

But, if you insist on doing that in today’s economy, you’ll get left behind. You competitor may use MIS to collect the same data automatically, in real time, so he or she can get better perspective on how his or her business in doing, and making decision and taking action as necessary, faster than you could make yours.

Administrative Task: Administrative task is not the main pillar of your business, but without it your business won’t run. Trivial thing like scheduling event and filing files can also be done manually, but it will be slow, and leave room for human error.

MIS can help taking over these mundane task from you so you don’t have to put too much expense of administrator. One or two administrator will be enough for small enterprise with the help of MIS.

Other Business Aspects: As technology gets more advanced, MIS can help you in even wider area, from HR to finance to marketing. You can count on MIS to make a template for your employees’ personal file, distribute it to them, and then store the result so you can retrieve it whenever you want. You can ask MIS to count their bonus this month, based on their performance. Basically, almost everything you need in business, MIS will be able to do it for you.

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Five Best MIS Software to Make Your life Easier
If you are interested to try MIS software on your own, but not sure where to start, here are some of our recommendation.

1. EAMbrace Asset Management: This software is created and developed by PTSOL, a US company with worldwide presence and service. EAMbrace currently serves more than 2.000 companies, and if that isn’t credible enough, we don’t know how to convince you.

What we especially like from EAMbrace is its wide variety of module in asset management, currently offering more than 20 solutions, from Enterprise Asset Management to Finance Management. It will help you track your assets, collect data about them so you can make informed decision about what to do with your asset. However, its strength is also its disadvantage. The company choose to focus on asset management only, so if you plan to automate other aspect of your business, you’ll have to find out another product. However, if in asset management, this software is the best in its field.

2. SmartDrive BI/MIS System: SmartDrive is created by SmartDriveLab or SDL, India based IT company that has been growing steadily to the worldwide market. SmartDrive is perfect for SME since it’s very easy-to-use.

SmartDrive currently has two software, one is focusing on HR function and the other on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Both of them are strong game. The HR product will help you doing most of administrative task like recording employee absence to calculating their tax and salary. Meanwhile, its Power CRM product will help you managing client’s data and collecting sales data. However, currently, these two are the only software SDL offer.

3. E2 Shop System and Manufacturer System: Both of the E2 systems, the shop and the manufacturer, are the flagship product of USA company Shoptech, that has been around helping thousands of business across the world since 1984. So, rest assured, these guys have experience.

Currently, E2 Shop System and Manufacturer System offer many function, including but not limited to estimating, order, scheduling, purchasing, and so many others. E2 Shop System is more suitable for shop-based or make-to-order business, while E2 Manufacturer System is for routine manufacturer.

4. Arena PLM: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is one of the solution offered by Arena. Last year, this company snatched Technology Innovator Awards 2017, so rest assured, they know what they are doing. Also, PLM currently serves over 10,000 clients in 80 countries.

PLM’s strength is their affordability, security, and user-friendliness. They are good for companies that is product-centered, assisting you to share product and quality information, exchanging ideas, collecting information on the product, and actually implementing changes during a product’s lifecycle. For best result, you can use Arena’s QMS (Quality Management Services) as well.

5. Sistrade: Sistrade, also by Sistrade, offer wide array of solution for your business automation, from financial management, production management, to estimate and commercial management. It also has many separate features such as equipment maintenance and quality control. Basically, whatever you need, Sistrade will provide it. It has been developing its product and serving it worldwide since 2005.

There are many other MIS software out there, but those five are our picks. What do you think about them, would you use any of those software to grow your business and help you live easier? Ever experience any of these software, or do you use other software? Share your experience with us in the comment below.

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